Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Special Interview with Eren Güngör

Antalya City Blog's Surprises Continue. After Dutch Social Media Specialist Peter Langela, Austrian Business Consultant in Marketing & Advertising  Ernst Koch, and Editor of GM Tourism and Management Magazine Sabriye Çay, Antalya City Blog Presents the Special Interview with Eren Güngör who is the Famous Professional Animation Manager and Tourism Manager. We Asked Him A Few Questions About Antalya and Our Blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

In 1987, I met with tourism. My Antalya adventure began in 1989, and is still ongoing, as you see, as well as full swing. I was born for the animation. I still miss the scenes. Hearing applause brings pleasure people. I have started my career in ALDA Club Beldibi and later worked in various facilities such as Simena Holiday Village, Novotel Turquoise, Sunrise Resort, Hillside Beach Club, and Kaya Group Hotels in Antalya. In 1996, I was assistant presenter at Hulya Avsar Show on Show TV. 

Firstly, I became EVP, and the following year I became GM. Of course firsts are always the unforgettable. The hotel is in a mountain, Dorukaya. And this time, I continue my career as a GM at Marco Polo, Kemer Resort, again Sunrise Resort, and finally at the Titanic Beach Resort.

What kind of difficulties or problems are there in your sector?

I think the problems of our profession at the same rate to tourism. There is the problem of trained staff in the sector. Especially young people no longer want to be animators. If you knew one or two languages, even if you get a little better perspective on life would you choose to remain unemployed for 6 months?

In the past, animation was easy to make money, but now it is very difficult. The reason is hidden within the all-inclusive system, because of this, bars and discos do not make business with animators. Moreover, animation team always spends the money.

But if you ask me;

F & B + Entertainment = Customer satisfaction.  We learned it in this way in the university.

Everything is changing and developing in the world, also has its price.

What is the best thing to do in Antalya according to you?

There are so many things to do in Antalya which style you like, in fact, the pattern would be more accurate. This place is a museum inside the city's history-steeped is not even a city.

What does not grab anything from waterfalls to hike in the mountains? In fact be surprised to look anywhere in this city is rich in scenery. Need to bear in mind that other Tekirova another beautiful arch, Manavgat another, and Alanya is quite beautiful. The problem here that I think is already starting where you are and how you will promote the city.

How do you see the future of Antalya?

Antalya has a very bright future that we see already. If you ask why, there is a thriving tourism and figures show it. The facilities are already proving that life here, I guess. If Antalya is not a flourishing place, it probably is not much investment.

When you look at the city center of Antalya, you can see the difference of Antalya from other cities. In addition, there are super-new activities in Antalya.

What do you think about Antalya City Blog?


Antalya City Blog is very successful. Words cannot explain the success of Antalya City Blog. Therefore, it gives me and all other Antalians pleasure to follow Antalya City Blog.

Thanks to Eren Güngör for taking the time to answer these questions for Antalya City Blog (Teşekkürler)


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