Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Exclusive Interview with Elvis chi Nwosu

 Antalya City Blog Has A New Surprise! Antalya City Blog Presents the Special Interview with Elvis chi Nwosu who is Labour Party Politician and Member of Oslo City Council. We Asked Him A Few Questions About Antalya and Our Blog.

     Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Elvis chi Nwosu. I'm a Norwegian with Nigerian and American roots, a former trade union leader, a Labour Party politician and member of Oslo City Council. I am also civil servant with the Oslo Municipality. I'm also the leader of African Cultural Awareness (www.yitv.no). African Cultural Awareness is an organization that works with different issues to promote the interest of the African community in Norway. We work with different administrative and resilience enhancing projects, civil liberty and the defense of human rights. We also respond to most negative and derogatory coverage of the African community in the Norwegian mass media through active participation. The digital revolution provides a lot of opportunities for youths to use this medium in telling their own story through audiovisual expressions.

Elvis chi Nwosu In Antalya
What is the meaning of Antalya for you? 
Antalya for me is a mixture of Mediterranean equisetic blend of a rich culture that is old but has continued to be influence by years of visitors and internal migration. Antalya, especially the old city of Kaleiçi had a lot of warmness and hospitality combined with good service and respect for visitors like me.  A combination of sunshine and the beach and culture and modern shopping malls.

Nwosu Family

What is your favorite activity in Antalya? 
Enjoying the atmosphere of the Old city of Kaleiçi and then taking a walk to the beach for a swim and a cold Efes. The evening is always a treat with local bands and good food to eat.

Do you have a memorable moment ever in Antalya
I do have lots of memorable moments meeting with locals, and carpets sellers, I even now feel a kind of a “Turkish carpet expert” , I do cherish the romantic  walks. I had with my wife along the clean parks of Antalya. 

Nwosu Family In Antalya
 What do you want to see in the city of Antalya?
I want the City Council of Antalya and the Hon. Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa to make Kaleiçi - the old city a car fee zone. 

Mrs. Nwosu In Antalya

What do you think about Antalya City Blog?
The Antalya City Blog represents a very important digital tool for information, contacts and network building for the City of Antalya and the rest of the world. I am very impressed by you quick responses to questions about “where is where” in Antalya. Keep up the good work.

Thanks to Elvis chi Nwosu for taking the time to answer these questions for Antalya City Blog (Takk skal du ha).


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