Friday, June 22, 2012

Exclusive Interview With GM Tourism and Management Magazine's Editor Sabriye Çay

Antalya City Blog's Surprises Continue. After Dutch Social Media Specialist Peter Langela and Austrian Business Consultant in Marketing & Advertising  Ernst Koch, Antalya City Blog Presents the Exclusive Interview with Sabriye Çay Who is the Editor of GM Tourism and Management Magazine. We Asked Her A Few Questions About Antalya and Our Blog.

1)     Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

     I was born in Antalya in 1983. I completed my elementary and high school education in Antalya. In 2003, I entered the Department of Press and Publication of Faculty of Communication Sciences of Anadolu University. I spent five years in Eskisehir for education. I was an intern in Sabah Akdeniz Newspaper during my second year at the University. Working at a magazine seems like the dream job for me when I was in the university. After university, I entered the magazine sector through Antalya High Life and Antalya Life Magazine which are the first magazines of Antalya. After two years of experience in magazine and actual magazines, since 2009, I serve successfully as the editor of GM Tourism and Management Magazine which is Turkey's first and only Tourism and Management Magazine. I am passionate about my job, I love to spend time with my family and friends. In short, I am full of life.

As the most people say in the zodiac world that Aries women are energetic, brave, hardworking and friendly. I think I am also like that.

2)    What is the meaning of Antalya for you?

Antalya is a corner of paradise for me with old town which smells history, Konyaalti Beach as its the clearest blue form, and Karain Cave which brings us to the depths of the secrets of the past. There is so much to be said for Antalya as in the words of the Great Leader Ataturk "Antalya is undoubtedly the most beautiful place in the world."

3)    What is your favorite activity in Antalya?
My favorite activity in Antalya is drinking a cup of Turkish tea on the cliffs of Lara and watching the sun go down through the mountains. Antalya is a city so that offers many activities for anyone who wants a calm and peaceful environment to relax or anyone who wants to have fun.

4) What do you want for Antalya?

Antalya is the capital of tourism which brings together different cultures from many countries. With the pleasure of cool plateaus, deep blue sea, kayaking and rafting, you can live beauty of this city all together in four-season, of course, as there are shortcomings. For example, the Expo 2016 will be held in Antalya which will contribute to promoting cultural, commercial, architectural and many other aspects of Antalya and Turkey. However, our parliament did not make an EXPO Law for Expo 2016 Antalya. This situation makes me sad.
Hopefully, we get a result together as soon as possible and begin to prepare for such an organization like Expo 2016 which is important for our city to perform the best.

5)    What do you think about Antalya City Blog?

Antalya City Blog is a successful site where you can find everything you are looking about Antalya and it suits for Antalya where the capital of tourism is. In addition, Antalya City Blog completes the gap of promotion of Antalya. As an Antalian, thanks to Antalya City Blog on behalf of our people and I wish success. 

Other Great Antalya Photos by Sabriye Çay

Thanks to Sabriye Çay for taking the time to answer these questions for Antalya City Blog (Teşekkürler)


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