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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Irina Shayk coming to Antalya!

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Top Model Irina Shayk to Antalya in June. 

She will be on the  podium for Dosso Dossi Fashion Show in Antalya between 5-11 June 2014.

Fashion show will be held in Antalya Expo Center.

In past years, Adriana Lima, Isabeli Fontana, Erin Heatherton and Miranda Kerr has been on the podium in Antalya.

If you love fashion, don't miss Dosso Dossi Fashion Show Antalya!!! 

European Judo Union's Judo Festival 2014 Will Be Held In Antalya

Antalya is the place for the first edition of the EJU(European Judo Union) Judo Festival.

Europe's top judoka coming to Antalya. More than 500 judoka from 30 countries will compete in Antalya. Judo Festival 2014 will be held in Belek. In addition, coaches seminar will be held in Antalya. 
If you love judo, do not miss this festival!

Major Program Points:
OTC "Going for Gold" Antalya 12 - 21 May

Referee & Coach Seminar 16-17 May

Kata for Club Seminars with Kodokan experts 15-17 May & 19-21 May

Veterans Training Camp 16-18 May
and much more ...

For More Information: 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Antalya City Blog passed 12,000 Twitter followers!

This week, Antalya City Blog passed 12,000 Twitter followers on the @AntalyaCityBlog account. 
12,000! We just passed 12k followers! Thank You So Much!

Antalya City Blog – on Twitter at @AntalyaCityBlog – founded by Political Science and International Relations Expert @IsaBurakGonca in 2007 to help as many tourist and travelers as possible inform about Antalya. Antalya City Blog joined Twitter in August 2009.

Antalya City Blog is the most popular city guide for Antalya. ideas, events, guides, answers & more about . Local Knowledge for Global Travellers. 

In 2007, Antalya City Blog was very little known.  In this 7-year, Antalya City Blog has grown with each passing day, and has become the most widely followed blog of Antalya. It is also became the most active blog in social media. We believe in the power of social media

Moreover, today Antalya City Blog has the 5 talented authors, and many representavies around the world.

Antalya City Blog has been a very important member of the international social institutions and organs such as Travel Massive, Bumerang Network, The International Travel Writers Alliance, and Traveldudies.

In addition, Antalya City Blog fights Climate Change! We have joined Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge!

Our blog is no longer an ordinary and a normal blog. It is the meeting point for Antalya tourists, and travelers.

Thank you very much to everyone, because we would not have made this far without your support.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Carpet and Rug Museum

Antalya City Blog visited Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Museum in Isparta. We took amazing photos for you.

People of Isparta put the carpet next to the the rose as their symbol. Isparta which provided shelter for many Turkomans after the 12.century, got this tradition from them and up until near past, kept performing it in factories, workshops and carpet weaving looms in their houses which they called “iştar”. Gulistan, serpme, Ottoman, Goblen (tapestry), köşegöbek, üzümlü, dönümlü are of the main patterns used in Isparta carpets. Flowers, especially rose, violet and forget me not are the characteristic motifs of Isparta carpets.

Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Museum was opened by the Isparta Municipality in 2013. Museum entrance is freeThe museum is a 12-storey tower. There is a viewing terrace on the last floor of the museum. Looking to Isparta from the terrace is spectacular.

In this museum there are 3000 traditional carpets and rugs. Turkey's largest museum of carpets and rugs is in Isparta. You can also find traditional carpet looms, horse carriage, and antiques in this museum.

There is also Foucault's Pendulum in the museum which  is a simple device conceived as an experiment to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.

How to get to the museum?
Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Carpet and Rug Museum located near Gökçay Picnic Area in Isparta city. You can use public transport to get there. 


Who is Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan?

Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan was born in Isparta in 1938. He was an important academician in economics and is the Chairman of the Turkic World Research Foundation (died in November 22, 2012 in Istanbul). 

Here are the other photos from the museum that we took for you:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


“Sport’s New Frontiers” will be the theme of a new-look conference programme at SportAccord Convention 2014 in Belek/Antalya, Turkey.

Delegates will be able to hear top speakers and enjoy interactive sessions in new formats outside of the main auditorium as well as inside during SportAccord Convention taking place 6-11 April 2014, at Belek’s Susesi Convention Centre. 

If you could change the rules of one sport, what would you do? The interactive session on “Rule-Breakers and Game-Changers” will give delegates a chance to debate that question. “The Youth Club” will offer a special up-close look at what today’s young people really think about sport and how they consume it.   

“Shaking up our approach to the conference this year in order to deliver a really engaging range of content in formats that will make optimal use of our resort setting,” said SportAccord Convention, Managing Director, Nis Hatt. “As well as being one of the biggest and most modern convention centre's in the Mediterranean, our location will also be a very enjoyable place to make the most of the conference programme.”   

A changing of the guard has been taking place around the world of sport, with new leaders assuming guiding roles in many organisations. A panel session on “The New Face of Leadership” will bring together some of the most influential among them. Another heavyweight plenary session on “The Integrity Issue” will tackle cheating in sport and explore the ways forward for International Federations and sponsors alike.   These are just a few of the sessions on the programme, which will also feature some of the most important figures in sport in keynote slots and interviews. 

Hosting SportAccord Convention 2014 will give a significant boost to the economy of host city Belek / Antalya in Turkey, according to research revealed today at the Convention by PwC, the global network of professional services firms.

The 12th annual SportAccord Convention will be the first time the world sport summit is held in Turkey. Held in a different city every year, SportAccord Convention is a unique opportunity for international sporting leaders to engage with business, and features a dynamic exhibition as well as the annual general meetings of governing bodies of world sport. Belek/Antalya is a developing sports hub which recently hosted the 2013 World Archery Championships. In addition, the area will welcome in May the 2014 Turkish Airlines Ladies Golf Open which is part of the Ladies European Tour. 

For more conference information, visit 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yazılı (Epigraphic) Canyon Nature Park

Antalya City Blog visited the Yazılı (Epigraphic) Canyon Nature Park and took some photos for you!

The Epigraphic (Yazılı) Canyon is a canyon and Natural Park in the province of Isparta (province) in southern Turkey. The park was established in 1989 and covers an area of ​​600 hectares. It is located in the district Sütcüler, approximately 69 km south-east of Isparta, 84 km from Egirdir, and 130 km away from Antalya province. One of the places to whic the nature was generous while giving out beaties to the earth Epigraphic Canyon.

His name (Yazılı equal Turkish for written) received the canyon because on a large rock an ancient Greek font is, but its origin can not be determined.

In Yazılı Canyon, you can find unique vegetation, wildlife, landscape diversity and unique beauty of the region's resources creates value, and historical monuments.

Some part of it has been destroyed during road constructions but the poems on it tells about Epiktetos who was born as a slave and died as a famous philosopher, and they say; “Passenger, get ready and set off but know this; / a free person is the one who is free in himself/ in his nature is the limit of freedom/ and if he is sincere in his decision / if his honesty is within his heart, these make a man noble/ by them is the man glorified, not by the mistakes.” 

Upon reading these lines which unexpectedly appear as a philosophy of life, you walk forty five km more and then you arrive at a very green plain. Some surrender themselves into the cold waters of in-rock pools, while some sleep with the scent of the grass. And some climb the branches of splendid monumental pines which stands still despite the years.

You can also watch the life circle of the nature in Yazılı Canyon: little yellow spiders spreading to the earth from their webs, rainbow- winged butterflies, taps of woodpeckers accompanied by the songs of the birds, trouts caught in the nets thrown into the waters at the mouth of the canyon, plants whose leaves remind you of a red tiger fur, olanders…and of course the great titmice, hoopoes, European jays….

This Natural Park which hosts the campers with its area of 600 hectares, is one of the places through which the ancient King Road used to run. That St. Paul went through this road while going to Pisidia Antiokheia from Perge makes the canyon valuable for the Christians.

The canyon takes a dazzling light bath in autumn. Its depth changes between 100-400 m. Many groups such as mountaineers, search and rescue teams, scouts, rock climbers camp and work in the canyon. It is also ideal for the botanicians and bird watchers.