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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Burdur: Beautiful city of Teke Region

Antalya City Blog visited Burdur and took some photos for you. You can read our recommendations before you visit Burdur.

Burdur is a province that placed at the Mediterranean Region, and famous with lakes, roses and rugs. Ancient cities, national parks, and caves are places to be seen in province. Districts: Burdur (center), Ağlasun, Altınyayla, Bucak, Çavdır, Çeltikçi, Gölhisar, Karamanlı, Kemer, Tefenni, Yeşilova.
Burdur has a continental climate with cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers.

Burdur is a pretty province of the Mediterranean region of Turkey. It is widely known as "Beautiful city of Teke Region"

The most important natural attraction of Burdur is, without doubt the Burdur Lake.

Top 5 Places to Go in Burdur city center

Burdur Lake Beach
Burdur Urban Forest
Susamlık Hill
Gazi Street
Şehitlik Hill

Burdur is 122 km away from Antalya and 112 km away from Antalya Airport.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy #Caturday

Today is Caturday and we took photos of  the most beautiful cat in Antalya for

What is Caturday?  
Caturday is an special event on Twitter. People share their cat photographs with the Caturday hashtag on Saturdays on Twitter.

Happy #Caturday

Our cat is from Karaoglan Park in Antalya.

Decline in Russian tourists and Sharp increase in Iranian Tourists in Antalya

A billboard ads in Persian in Antalya Atatürk Street

'Decline in Russian tourists and Sharp increase in Iranian Tourists in Antalya'. As can be inferred from the title, there is decline in the number of Russian tourists in Antalya than in the past. Of course in this case the economic crisis in Russia very effective.

Iranian Tourists in The Hadrian's Gate
 The number of Russian visitors to Antalya in the 2 months declined 41%, down from 36 thousand to 21 thousand visitors. However, the number of tourists from Iran, as can be seen from the title of our article, on the rise day by day. The Iranian market showed an improvement by 44%, and the number of arrivals from Iran to Antalya in 2 months passed 150 thousand.

Persian Shopping Fest is held in Markantalya Shopping Mall
The surprising point is that Antalya's shopkeepers react immediately in this change. Not only in big shopping malls such as Deepo, Markantalya, but also small stores in Kaleici (Oldtown) district shopkeepers removed Russian advertising in their the Shops and put into Persian ads .

A brochures in Persian in Cetinkaya Store in Antalya

Even in Antalya, billboards, brochures in stores became Persian. In addition, Persian Shopping Fest is held in Markantalya Shopping Mall with the participation of Iranian artists.

Iran platter tour buses in Antalya
Of course in Antalya streets now, Iran platter tour buses and private cars have become accustomed to see. When we talked about topic with shopkeepers, they are satisfied with the condition and said that Iranian tourists spend more money than Russian tourists.

Iranian tourists in Antalya Airport

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Season: Best Time to Travel to Antalya

While other parts of Europe are still rain-sodden and windswept in spring, in Antalya things are already starting to heat up. This makes it the ideal city to make an early start on your summer. Think long walks along the beach, eating local cuisine, soaking up the sun, carousing at countless festivals on a warm evening as the sun sets.

Of course, the whole Mediterranean region is getting warmer at this time of year. As a result budget flights are starting to fill up all over the northern hemisphere, long weekends are being planned, and the quest for accessible sun begins. Despite this increasing competition from other destinations, Antalya remains unrivalled.

Antalya is Turkey’s most modern city, blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate and a colorful array of cultural delights and natural beauty. So it’s little wonder Antalya has become a year-round tourist destination. The best time to travel to Antalya depends on visitors’ preferences and priorities. It’s wise to keep several factors, including weather, crowds and events in mind when planning your trip.

Spring and early summer tend to boast some of Antalya’s finest weather, with mild to warm temperatures and frequently sunny skies. The weather in May tends to be warm and clear in Antalya, minus the humidity weighing down summer months. June is another warm, pleasant month in the tourism capital and an ideal time to visit, weather-wise. By the end of June, Mediterranean waters surrounding the city are warm enough for swimming. July and especially August can get disagreeably hot, with average temperatures in the 30s and plenty of humidity, even after nightfall.

All photos are taken by Antalya City Blog

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Runtalya Marathon is celebrating its new name as RUNATOLIA

Runtalya Marathon is celebrating its new name as RUNATOLIA and the 10th Anniversary in 2015.

The Runtalya Marathon was organized for the first time on 19th of March 2006 in cooperation with Holiday Plan and Öger Tours. For the past 9 years the event had a constant growth with the participation of National and International race enthusiasts. The 2014 Runtalya Marathon has been organized together with Öger Tours for the last time, because the cooperation between Holiday Plan and Öger Tours has ended in April 2014.

Runtalya Marathon is very essential  which has been taking place in our country for 9 years, introducing our country and our town to the world and conduce population self-health care as well as to establish an understanding how indispensable sport is. Holiday Plan still supports this marathon  with awareness of its beautiful course for running. 

Starting from the first day of The Marathon, Anadolu Hospital have kept their support and their belief for this organization of substantial contribution to our town and brand equity's importance. Anadolu Hospital and Holiday Plan decided to cooperate and organize this event with the name as RUNATOLIA that took place on the date of 1st of March, 2015. 

Say hello to the mascots of EXPO 2016 Antalya: Ece & Efe

Is there an Expo 2016 mascot? Of course: EXPO 2016 Antalya has its own official mascots, named Ece & Efe. It’s difficult to think about a more appropriate name, since the 2016 Universal Exhibition is dedicated to the topic of Flowers and Children, with the claim: “A green world for the next generations”.