Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm behind the President of Antalyaspor

Murat Özgen
Throughout my career I always respect democratically elected people. If they get majority of the votes, it means that they deserve it.

The winner is President Gültekin Gencer according to the results of Antalyaspor Presidential Elections. Not to forget the presence of three candidates in Antalyaspor Presidential Elections.

Why do we choose a board of directors or a person?

The former president of Antalyaspor declared that his management will not continue to work for longer, or we did not like his management.

Both of them happened in Antalyaspor. The board of directors was forced to discontinue by those who do not like his management.

Gültekin Gencer, Antalyaspor President
They are not satisfied with the match results, the fiscal discipline of Antalyaspor, or tactics? No!

For their own interests.

Now today, at this point, nobody can say  'let him go' to the elected president Gültekin Gencer.

I'm putting out a very clear today, I'm the biggest supporter of Gültekin Gencer.

Because I am in favor of stability.

We should support him if we want to see a successful Antalyaspor.

Because I'm aware of what Antalyaspor needs today, "just support".

Murat Özgen

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