Friday, December 27, 2013

The Importance of Sports Infrastructure Investment in Antalya

Infrastructure of the teams as important as the infrastructure of the cities.  The issue is not just about the MP Antalyaspor, it is about the infrastructure of sport in Antalya.

What about infrastructure of MP Antalyaspor?

The progress is good but not enough. Have success, but no facilities250 acres of land in Yeşilbayır? So called new land in the region of Antalya, is actually a great project, its wide, far and near to the city, everything available, just waiting to invest.

1207 Antalya Sport Women's Football Club

We continue on the road with our infrastructure. From where we train our little girl, we're taking the right path to success. We do not spend big bucks like teams of Ataşehir, Konak Municipality, Trabzon, and Adana. We do not play ball, we're always playing football. We play football, we have taken goals from every angle nice, like expressions on the faces.

We have achieved the 3rd rank both the Stars Girls and the Young Girls category in Turkey. But despite this success, we don't have great support in Antalya. We need much support.

We will continue on our way with sports lovers in Antalya. 

Süleyman Türk

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