Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Best & Most Reasonable Souvenirs to Buy in Antalya: Shopping from Antalyaspor Store

Antalyaspor is a professional football club that founded in 1966 and became the city's symbol. Even those who do not like football, loves Antalyaspor, because Antalyaspor means Antalya for people who live in Antalya

The club colours are red & white and they play their home matches at Akdeniz University Stadium in Antalya. People call Antalyaspor with its nickname, Scorpions.

When you visit Antalya, you can buy Antalyspor's jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, capri pants, shorts, coats, socks, shirts, ties, accessories, hats, beanies, badges, flags, you will find everything related to Antalya  and Antalyaspor in Antalyaspor Stores.

Men, women, kids products are available in Antalyaspor Stores. Do not forget to shop for yourself and your family, when you come to Antalya from Antalyaspor Stores!

Some of the Antalyaspor Stores:

  • Antalyaspor Facilities
  • Işıklar Street
  • Deepo Shopping Center
  • Akdeniz University Stadium
  • Özdilek Shopping Center
  • Aqualand

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