Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fikret Otyam Art Gallery

Antalya Mayor Akaydın crowns the gallery with the name of Turkish journalist-writer-painter and photography artist, 86-year-old master Fikret Otyam whose hands has been covered in paint for 70 years.

Demirciler İçi Bazaar

The Fikret Otyam Art Gallery, opened in Antalya’s historical Demirciler İçi Bazaar, played host to the screening of a documentary on Otyam’s life for the first time in Turkey. 

Fikret Otyam and Filiz Otyam
Demirciler İçi Fikret Otyam Art Gallery is to open with a collection of paintings of  Fikret Otyam and his wife Filiz Otyam who is known for her own wall-hanging, decorative works. With this new art gallery Antalya will have another important point on culture and art.

Besides Otyam the artistic works of Tufan Dağıstanlı and Himmet Öcal will be on display during the year.

Unique Works of Fikret Otyam

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