Saturday, January 26, 2013

The 2nd of European Children’s Film Festival

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality organizes the 2nd of European Children’s Film Festival between the dates of 28 January and 2 February in order to enhance the cinema cultures of the children of Antalya. 

Regarded as one of the most important organizations in the world, the works for World Botanical Expo continues which will be hosted in Antalya in 2016 on the theme of “Children and Flowers”. 

This year the European Children’s Films Festival is organized for the second time with the cooperation of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya Chamber of Industry and Commerce (ATSO) and UE Information Center on the theme of “Flower and Children" of Expo 2016. Hereby this festival the children of Antalya will have the chance to watch many children movies between 28 January and 2 February. 

All of the screenings during these 6 days of semester holiday will be free of charge. The screenings will be at Antalya Culture Center, Yenimahalle Culture Center (YKM) and Aksu Atatürk Culture Center. 


28 January 2013
11.00 Impy's Wonderland 84’ (YKM)
13.30 A Monster in Paris 90’ (AKM Aspendos)
15.00 Niko: The Way to the Stars 80’ (AKSU)
15.30 Astérix and the Vikings 78’ (AKM Aspendos)

29 January 2013
11.00 Niko: The Way to the Stars  80’ (YKM)
13.30 KELOĞLAN 80’ (AKM Aspendos)
15.00 Impy's Wonderland 84’ (AKSU)
15.30 Don Quixote 85’ (AKM Aspendos)

30 January 2013
11.00 Freddy Frogface  78’ (YKM)
13.30 Niko: The Way to the Stars 80’ (AKM Aspendos)
15.00 A Monster in Paris 90’(AKSU)*
15.30 Impy's Wonderland  84’ (AKM Aspendos)

31 January 2013
11.00 A Monster in Paris 90’ (YKM)
13.30 KELOĞLAN 80’ (AKM Aspendos)
15.00 Freddy Frogface  78’(AKSU)
15.30 Arthur and the Invisibles ‘102 (AKM Aspendos)

01 February 2013
10.00 Freddy Frogface  78’ (AKM Perge)
11.00 Impy's Wonderland 84’ (YKM)
12.00 Niko: The Way to the Stars 80’ (AKM Perge)
14.00 A Monster in Paris 90’ (AKM Perge)

02 February 2013
10.00 A Monster in Paris 85’ (AKM Aspendos)
10.30 Impy's Wonderland 84’ (AKSU)
11.00 Niko: The Way to the Stars 80’ (YKM)
12.00 Freddy Frogface  78’(AKM Aspendos)
13.30 A Monster in Paris 90’ (AKSU)
14.00 Don Quixote 85’ (AKM Aspendos)
15.30 Freddy Frogface  78’(AKSU)

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