Saturday, August 27, 2011

Environmental Award for the Solar House of Antalya

In the "Healthy Cities 2011 The Best Execution Competition," organized by the Healthy Cities Association of Turkey, the Solar House and the Ecological Education Center of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality have been awarded the Environmental Award.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality took part with his Solar House and Ecological Education Center project in “Healthy Cities 2011 The best Execution Competition"
The aim of the competition is the development of healthy cities and urban policies, plans and strategies to promote and strengthen their motivation in implementing these policies. The competition includes 18 cities with a total of 45 projects have participated in various categories. In evaluation process the following criteria were considered: the contribution to a healthy city, the consideration of current needs and expectations of the city, potential for significant impact and participation of society in the project. As a result of the review “The Solar House and Ecological Education Center” of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality was awarded in the category "Environment".

The price will be presented to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in 23rd - 24th of September 2011 in Eskisehir Tepebasi on the 7thConference of Healthy Cities Association to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

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