Saturday, August 27, 2011

3rd Antalya Tango Meeting

Feel the difference and feel different!

27 August – 4 September 2011 in Antalya, Turkey.

Tango Siete organized an international concept with tango masters, guest teachers, performance artists, orkestra and DJs are brought from diffrent countries.

Antalya Tango Meeting Team
Sebastian Missé & Andrea Reyero
Maximiliano Cristiani & Belen Bartolome
Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero
Aydın & Pelin Kocamusaoğlu
Servet & Figen Moran
Mazen Kiwan & Paz Giorgi
Guests Teachers
Panagiotis Papadellis & Vera Oikonomou
Rodion Khramutichev & Elena Sergienko
Çiğdem Camgöz & Onur Kıra
Mert Moran & Beliz Zorlu
Hamdi Ceylan & Burcu Erdem
Luca Lamberti (Italy)
Pino Dangiola (Sweden)
Stefanie Clausen (Germany)
Emre Or (Turkey)
Serdar Sungar (Turkey)
La Tubatango

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  2. @ Shyamal, Hi. Thank you very much for visitin and commenting. if you are a lover of unspoiled beaches, mountains, nature, and the exotic, few places on earth fit the bill like Antalya. You can live the good life in a cosmopolitan city, at a beach, in a golf course residence or a mountain community in Antalya..

  3. Hey thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment. Your blog is great and I'm now following you too :)

    Sam x

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhh i d looove to be there!! i am a tango dancer too it's my fav dance of all!!!i wish i could be there :)

    tango <3

    kisses <3


  5. @ caramellitsa, I like tango too. Antalya Tango Meeting is organized by Tango Siete which founded in 2006 by Erkin Kunbuk and Başak Duryılmaz.The couple came together in 2005 and they have trained many social dancers and sportsman in Akdeniz University and many diffrent dance schools.Since 2008 they have provided their dance course in their own dance school Tango Siete. Also They added Hamdi Ceylan and Özge Kalaycı to their instructor team and they continue to bring together Tango lovers.

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