Friday, June 15, 2012

My Antalya Mobile Application

My Antalya mobile application is introduced by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. We get the detailed information from the official page of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. By using My Antalya application; domestic and foreign tourists can find easily the closest demand points. They will be informed of opportunities, services and activities.

People can communicate easily with the Metropolitan Municipality through this application.Antalya Ulaşım Inc. and Abaküs Bilişim Ltd developed My Antalya with the support of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. MyAntalya Project is presented to the press by the Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın.

Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın, chairman of the board of Antalya Ulaşım Inc. Bülent Yıldırım, information technology coordinator of metropolitan municipality Aslı Başkan, Abaküs Bilişim Ltd representatives Onur Berkol and Burak Gürpınar joined to the press conference at the AKM.

Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın said that the use of new technologies is indispensable for harmonization of international standards of municipal services. The provision of effective and widespread use of communication technologies is our strategy of ‘innovative city'.

Mayor Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın gives the following information about My Antalya;

 - people can relay the suggestions and complaints to the municipality online, can follow the news, activities, services and projects by clicking My Antalya.
- antray transport menu, nostalgic trams, city buses, public buses and other transportation routes, and the line numbers for public transport, but also the route to the nearest airport, intercity bus companies transport information, car rental offices and taxi stops can be seen.
- nearest pharmacy, hospitals, banks, restaurants, fuel stations, points of interest (POI) address, telephone and location information can be accessed on the map.

- the most appropriate route to reach that point, distance and time can be learned.

Publishing in 4 Languages, 645 Thousands Point of Interest

Mayor said that : “MyAntalya published in four languages, including Turkish, Russian, English and German. My Antalya application is available for free on devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablets. It is open to international use and unique in Turkey with 645 thousand point of interest. It is an extremely important application for the international promotion of Antalya.11 million foreign and 3 million domestic tourists are expected to arrive in Antalya this year. We are aiming that tourists and citizens living in Antalya will use the system. 290 users loaded the application until the time of the meeting.”

Auto Message to Mobile Phone
Metropolitan Municipality Data Processing Coordinator Aslı Başkan told that how to use the mobile application, menu options and opportunities. Chairman of the board of Antalya Ulaşım Inc. Bülent Yıldırım said that My Antalya application will be sent to people’s mobile when they just landed to Antalya airport. It can be downloaded for free. Citizens living in Antalya can be aware of application with promotional activities.

Click here and Download My Antalya Mobile Application


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