Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Antalya's Pride: 1207 AntalyaSpor Women's Football Team

1207 Antalya Sport Club was formed in 2007 with the merger of Kırkgözspor and Antalyaspor's women's soccer teams. The team's colors are red and white. 

It is the only women's football team of Antalya. They play in The Turkish Women's Second Football League.  

1207 Antalya Spor Women's Football team plays games in DSI Facilities Central Field. The President of the team is Suleyman Turk, and Sports Director is Huseyin Turk.

Squad of 1207 AntalyaSpor
  • Büşra Demirörs,
  • Sevdişan Ünlü,
  • Efsane Düzparmak, 
  • Berfin Çelik, 
  • Serap Kanmaz,
  • Cansu Şefika Altındal,
  • Gizem Başkaya, 
  • Ezgi Selin Genç, 
  • Gizem Şen, 
  • Nur Şanlıtürk, 
  • Bahar Güvenç, 
  • Serenay Aktaş, 
  • Eda Nur Erkan, 
  • Derya Solak, 
  • Esra Güler, 
  • Gamze Bilir, 
  • Özge Damatlar, 
  • Ayşenur Büyükciğer,
  • Ayşe Kaçar
The nickname of the team is Nail Varnish Crampons (Ojeli Kramponlar). 

Serenay Aktaş
There is also a famous model and actress in the team who is Serenay Aktaş. She had a role in The Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl) TV Series in Turkey.

They are the most successful club in the Mediterranean region of Turkey's women's football. 

Why 1207?

1207 is The siege of Antalya. The siege of Antalya in 1207 was the successful Turkic capture of the city of Antalya from Empire of Nicaea (the Byzantine Empire). 

Since 1207 Antalya belongs to the Turks. That's why the team's name is 1207 Antalya Sport Club.

1207 AntalyaSpor Women's Football Team is Antalya's Pride. We believe that our team will be the champion this year.  Congratulations to 1207 Antalya Spor!!!

For More Information: http://www.1207antalyaspor.org.tr

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