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Local Culture in Antalya: Turkish Nomads (Yörük Turcoman)

Most Turkish nomads share the same housing the special tents called as yurt. Nomadic lifestlye today can also be found among the Altays, the semi-nomadic Yakut Sakha people, the Karakalpaks, the Turkmens - Turkish people and the Uzbeks. Today many of these people have settled down in modern homes.

Nomadic culture was very strong in Turkey, but today some Turks are still nomadic. People call them as Yörüks or Yörük Turcoman.

Many nomadic Turks own sheep, goats, horses, cattle, and camels. They move from place to place to find grazing fields for their animals.

How Turkish Nomads came to Antalya and settled?

One hundred years is not long time when we look the history of humanity.

However, there are some states, empires or leaders that they do many important things in one hundred years and the things that they did may influence today`s world. Seljuks was one of them. They were  Turkic nomad warriors and moved to the Middle East from the Central Asia and they did many important things in the region which affected the Middle Eastern history and the world history. 

When the Seljuks conquered Anatolia, Turkic people began to move from east of the Caspian Sea to Anatolia. And some of these people moved to Antalya when Antalya was conquered in 1207 by Seljuks.

The Siege of Antalya and the Role of Turkish Nomads

Turkish Nomads had very important role in the siege of Attalia in 1207 was the successful Turkic capture of the city of Attalia (today Antalya,Turkey). The capture of port gave the Turks another path into the Mediterranean although it would be another 100 years before the Turks made any serious attempts into the sea. Since 1207 Antalya belongs to the Turks. 

Today's Turkish Nomads

Settlement policy of Turkish Nomads started in the last period of the Ottoman Empire, and lasted until the 1970s. Today many of these people have settled down in modern homes.

A Small Yörük Museum
Nomadic lifestlye today can also be found among some Turks. But for the most, the semi-nomadic life continues in Antalya. Because people in Antalya go to their homes in the cool highlands of Antalya in the Summer, and they return Antalya in Autumn.

Eating Gözleme
Today you can see the effects of the nomadic culture all over Antalya. In Yörük's tent cafes where you can eat pancakes (gözleme) and drink ayran. You can visit horse, goat and camel farms, or Yörük museums.

When you ask every local person in Antalya, will describe themselves as yörük nomads.

Lastly, if you visit Antalya, you should try to taste local culture in Antalya. Yörüks will welcome you. 

Don't forget that Antalya is not only about sun and sea holiday

Some Photos about Yörüks:

Inside of the Yörük Tent
Making Gözleme
Still Nomadic
Traditional Yörük

Modern Yörük Tent

For More Photos, visit Turkic Family Photo Blog:


  1. I enjoyed very much this post,Burak. I adore history and sometimes I think these people are happier than ours living in homes. That constant contact with nature and animals they have,sharing everything,never being alone....
    And the pics are so beautiful and colourful!!!
    Thanks Burak,you know you're great!! ;-)))

  2. @MariadelCastillo Thanks Maria, We're just trying to promote our city with everything in the best way.

  3. im going to turkey next autumn, where should i go to find true yoruk people? from which town should i start?

  4. @AndreaRoscher You can find true yoruk people in each town of Antalya. Each town has their own
    tribes. You can see nomadic yoruks near Korkuteli and Akseki towns.

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