Monday, February 20, 2012

The 500th follower!

It's a celebration,! In honor of my 500th follower!

Welcome to Follower number 500!

And thank you to all the rest of you who choose to visit "Antalya City Blog" and share it with friends, family and co-workers. It exists for you!

My 500th follower is Vicente Fernandez from Spain..

Antalya City blog was created in 2009. It exists for advertising Antalya City. You are able to access information about Antalya. You find very nice photos of Antalya, activities in Antalya, maps of Antalya and tourism ofices of the Republic of Turkey. In addition, you find links of the most famous hotels, discos and clubs in Antalya and very important links such as the municipality of Antalya, governorship of Antalya. I note the news events that you are interested in and provide news items that you can use through my blog. The blog of Antalya`s language is English but you can translate the blog in 16 different language. These languages are Turkish, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Arabic, Serbian, Swedish, Polish, Chinese, Finnish, Korean, Porteguese, and Japan. And now we are celebrating our 500th follower. If you want to see the heaven in the world, you should visit the Turkish Riviera where is Antalya!

Thank you for visiting my blog.


  1. Thank you for the nice comment!
    Nice blog you have!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Tulpar, you made it to 500. have you been my follower yet? ha ha, so how is it, are you "in that space" yet?
    all the best to you and have a nice day

  3. @ cookingvarieties, Hi Wan, thank you very much for your sweet comment..

  4. Congrats and hope more followers will follow your wonderful and knowledgeable blog.

  5. congrats!!! we can follow each other :)

  6. @ Como una paloma, thanks for following my blog. Sure, I will follow you back..

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