Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Blog Has Been Renewed!

We happily inform that our blog is renewed!!!

We renewed our blog to give beter service to our visitors. You can reach the latest news and announcements about our blog and own more comprehensive information about Antalya City. We also changed the background of our blog.

It has much more useful information than ever.  Not only, it has general information about “Antalya City”, but also  You can see photos, maps and videos on it, then we hope it helps you to discover Antalya City and Turkey..


  1. Hi Tulpar! Congrats!!Have a good day!!

  2. thank you for your cute comment :)
    if you want we can follow each other :)?


  3. @Romy Thank you. Sure, we can follow each other...

  4. Hi neighborhoods! Greetings from Istanbul!
    You have interesting blog, you can check mine and if you like it, we'll follow each other!
    Let me know please!

  5. @TieBow-tie Thank you. Sure, we can follow each other.

  6. Thanks for following our blog!
    Following you too now!

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