Thursday, June 21, 2012

Social Networking: Hidden Dangers of Twitter and Solutions

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As Antalya City Blog, we launch a new application in our blog. It is called as "Social Networking". In this section, we will publish social networking tips each week, because we want you to safely connect to our blog and other social networking sites when you go on holiday.

Our first post on the Social Networking Section of our blog is "Hidden Dangers of Twitter and Solutions". 

Are you aware of the social network viruses and spams on Twitter?

Imagine you went on holiday and connected to Twitter. However, you realized some problems on your Twitter account. You saw unknown people on your following list or you saw new twits or direct messages that you did not sent them to your followers.  So who has done them?

There are some social network viruses and spams on Twitter. Usually, they are infected from Twitter Applications that you gave permission to access your Twitter account  or the links you clicked on Twitter.

What should you do in that case?

1. Change your password

Please change your password immediately from the Passwords Tab in your Account Settings. Please select a strong password you haven't used before. If you can't log in to your account, please see this troubleshooting page.

2. Revoke connections

While logged in, visit the Applications tab in Account Settings. Revoke access for any third-party application that you don't recognize.

3. Update your new password in your trusted third-party applications

If a trusted external application or widget uses your Twitter password, be sure to update your password in the application. Otherwise, your may be temporarily locked out of your account due to failed login attempts.
Your account should now be secure, and you shouldn't see the unexpected account behaviors moving forward.
If your account has been compromised, do take these additional precautions:
  • Delete any unwanted Tweets that were posted while your account was compromised.
  • Scan your computers for viruses and malware, especially if unauthorized account behaviors continue to be posted after you've changed the password.
  • Install security patches for your operating system and applications
  • Always use a strong, new password you don't use elsewhere and would be difficult to guess.
  • Visit our Safe Tweeting page for more information on avoiding hacks and phishing.

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