Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yazılı (Epigraphic) Canyon Nature Park

Antalya City Blog visited the Yazılı (Epigraphic) Canyon Nature Park and took some photos for you!

The Epigraphic (Yazılı) Canyon is a canyon and Natural Park in the province of Isparta (province) in southern Turkey. The park was established in 1989 and covers an area of ​​600 hectares. It is located in the district Sütcüler, approximately 69 km south-east of Isparta, 84 km from Egirdir, and 130 km away from Antalya province. One of the places to whic the nature was generous while giving out beaties to the earth Epigraphic Canyon.

His name (Yazılı equal Turkish for written) received the canyon because on a large rock an ancient Greek font is, but its origin can not be determined.

In Yazılı Canyon, you can find unique vegetation, wildlife, landscape diversity and unique beauty of the region's resources creates value, and historical monuments.

Some part of it has been destroyed during road constructions but the poems on it tells about Epiktetos who was born as a slave and died as a famous philosopher, and they say; “Passenger, get ready and set off but know this; / a free person is the one who is free in himself/ in his nature is the limit of freedom/ and if he is sincere in his decision / if his honesty is within his heart, these make a man noble/ by them is the man glorified, not by the mistakes.” 

Upon reading these lines which unexpectedly appear as a philosophy of life, you walk forty five km more and then you arrive at a very green plain. Some surrender themselves into the cold waters of in-rock pools, while some sleep with the scent of the grass. And some climb the branches of splendid monumental pines which stands still despite the years.

You can also watch the life circle of the nature in Yazılı Canyon: little yellow spiders spreading to the earth from their webs, rainbow- winged butterflies, taps of woodpeckers accompanied by the songs of the birds, trouts caught in the nets thrown into the waters at the mouth of the canyon, plants whose leaves remind you of a red tiger fur, olanders…and of course the great titmice, hoopoes, European jays….

This Natural Park which hosts the campers with its area of 600 hectares, is one of the places through which the ancient King Road used to run. That St. Paul went through this road while going to Pisidia Antiokheia from Perge makes the canyon valuable for the Christians.

The canyon takes a dazzling light bath in autumn. Its depth changes between 100-400 m. Many groups such as mountaineers, search and rescue teams, scouts, rock climbers camp and work in the canyon. It is also ideal for the botanicians and bird watchers.

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