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For 95 million years Caretta Carettas visiting Turkey's beaches, why you shouldn't?

 Turkey is a melting pot of many cultures and religions and bridge between continents. With more Greek ruins than Greece, more ancient Roman sites than Italy, irrefutably land of Turkey is the cradle of civilization. Turkey has also its unique culture which comes from the Central Asia, Caucasus, and Balkans.

However, Turkey is much more than its history with over 7000km of coastline it's an excellent destination for a sunny holiday and water sports. Who could resist a change to spend a few days cruising along the Turkey's crystal clear turquoise coasts. The pleasure of yachting in Turkey will temp you to come back again and again, to explore yet another stretch of coast and to relive the luxurious ease of life on the sea.

In brief, Turkey is a perfect travel destination, has everything a traveler could possibly need; history, nature, sun, sea, fun, cuisine, culture everything.

Most importantly Anatolian people are very hospitable. Their motto comes from a great Turkish sufistic and philosopher, Mevlana.

Come, come, whoever you are.
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of living, it doesn't matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come even if you have broken your vow a thousand times,
Come, yet again, come, come.


  • House of Virgin Mary is in Turkey 

Today, the House of the Virgin Mary is looked after by a small contingent of monks and nuns, is in Turkey, and is visited each day by people from the all over the world

  • The philosopher Aristotales lived in Assos 

The philosopher Aristotales lived in Assos for three years and opened an Academy. Doric Temple to Athena has been built in Assos in 530 BC. From this temple Hermias of Atarneus, a student of Plato, ruled Assos.

  • Philosophy begins on Miletus in Anatolia 

Philosophy begins on Miletus on the western coast of Anatolia (in what is now Aydin Province, Turkey). According to Bertrand Russell, "Philosophy began with Thales of Miletus."

  • There are nine World Heritage Sites located in Turkey. 

Göreme National Park, Great Mosque of Divriği, Historical sites of Istanbul, Hattusa, Nemrut Dağı, Hierapolis-Pamukkale, Xanthos-Letoon, Safranbolu and Troy are in the list of The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Turkey.

  • The oldest known human settlement is located in Catalhoyuk Turkey 

The oldest known human settlement in the world is located in Catalhoyuk Turkey, dating back to 6500 B.C

  • One of the oldest best preserved ancient thermal spa in the world located in Turkey 

The ancient city of Allianoi, one of the oldest thermal spas in the world and located in the Bergama-Pergamon Turkey. Unfortunately the ancient city is in danger to be flooded. Surely your visit will be a great support to save Allianoi.

  • One of the three most distinctive traditional cuisines in the world is in Turkey 

Turkey is noted for having one of the three most famous and distinctive traditional cuisines in the world. "We do not have only Kebab and Döner."

  • Most famous places of the ancient world are all in Turkey

Many of the famous sites from classical Greek culture are not in Greece at all but in Turkey, including the ruins of cities such as Troy, Pergamum, Ephesus, Miletus and Halicarnassus.

  • Would you want to see the most valuable silk carpet in the world? 

The most valuable silk carpet in the world which has 144 knots per square centimeter is located in the Mevlana Museum in Konya.

  • The traditional Homeric Troy is in Western Turkey 

The famous Trojan Wars took place in Western Turkey, around the site where the Trojan horse rests today.

  • Turkey ranks the third in Blue Flag Project 

Turkey ranks third after Spain and Greece in the number of blue flags in marinas and beaches withh its 258 blue flaged beaches.
  • Second largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world is in Antakya 

Antakya Archaeological Museum has the second largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world, found when excavating Roman villas on the hillside at Harbiye.

  • The first seven Ecumenical Councils were held in Asia Minor 

Asia Minor (modern Turkey) was the home for all Ecumenical Councils in the early history of the Christian church.

  • The ICD had its origin in Turkey in 1920 

The International Children's Day (ICD) which is celebrated in numerous countries, had its origin in Turkey in 1920 (April 23, 1920)

  • The first church built by man is in Antioch  

The first church built by man (St. Peter's Church) is in Antioch (Antakya), Turkey.

  • Heredotus (the father of history) lived in Anatolia 

Herodotus of Halicarnassus was a Greek historian who lived in southwest coast of Caria, Anatolia (Asia Minor) in the 5th century BC and is regarded as the "Father of History" in Western culture.

  • Santa Clause, was born in Patara and lived Demre in Antalya

St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Clause, was born in Patara and lived Demre, on Turkey's Mediterranean Coast.

  •  In Antalya, in the spring time you can both ski and swim

  • For 95 million years Caretta Carettas visiting Dalyan beach why you shouldn't? 

Dalyan beach is well known for the Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtles) which have existed for 95 million years. International animal protection organizations monitor and protect the turtles' nesting grounds in Turkey.

  • The birthplace of Abraham is in Turkey 

The traditional site of Abraham's birth is in the vicinity of Edessa (Şanlıurfa in modern Turkey)


The World does not know us enough. We do not have only Kebab, Döner or Belly Dancers. We have other great things too. You should discover Turkey!!!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed from some facts about Turkey and invite you to leave your comments. 



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