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Antalya's New Tourism Centre: Bogazkent

We visited the new resort of Antalya where is Boğazkent for you. In this article you can find all the information that you are looking for Boğazkent Town and our observations from Bogazkent. We also took great photos for you in Boğazkent.

Boğazkent is 45 km from Antalya Airport, 50 km from Antalya city center and only 8 km from Serik District. There is also a bridge between Belek and Bogazkent.

How to get there?
From Alanya Road (D-400) or from Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal, you can catch a bus that goes Serik Çınaraltı. Then, the next to the Çınaraltı, there is Boğazkent Bus Stop, catch a Boğazkent Koop. Bus which comes to Bogazkent from Serik. You can also come by taxi directly.

Bogazkent Bus Terminal
Bogazkent Buses
Where to stay?

There are 13 5-Star hotels with a capacity of 12,500 beds in Bogazkent. In addition, there are summer homes for rent.

5-Star Hotels in Bogazkent:
  • Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel & Spa
  • Aydınbey Famous Hotel
  • Crystal Family Resort
  • Siam Elegance Hotels&Spa
  • Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort
  • Crystal Waterworld Resort & Spa
  • Vera Club Hotel Mare
  • Sherwood Dreams Resort
  • Sensimar Resort Boğazkent
  • Dyadom Hotel
  • Belek Beach Resort Hotel
  • Kirman Hotels Belazur Resort & SPA
  • Dionis Hotel Resort & Spa
In 2014, 5-Star 'Port Natura Resort Hotel' (550 rooms) will be opened in Bogazkent. 

Places to visit:

Atatürk Park: A beautiful park with pools and Statues of Atatürk, and musician children. This park is considered as one of the symbols of Boğazkent. This beautiful square is home to various organizations in the Summer.

Atatürk Park

Kuleli Park (Tower Park): It is another beautiful park in Bogazkent with a clock tower. This clock tower is the new symbol of Bogazkent. You can go to the terrace of the tower and see the whole Bogazkent.

Bogazkent Clock Tower
Tourist Bazaar: In Tourist Bazaar, you can find any kind of souvenirs. Generally, this bazaar is set up on every Wednesday. Also, sit down and relax in the park, right next to the market.

Bazaar and Park
Bogazkent Coast: Boğazkent coast is quite clean and a nice beach. There is continuous influx of tourists from October to April to the beach.

Bogazkent Coast
Bogazkent Bird Sanctuary: Bogazkent Bird Sanctuary is the most special bird paradise in Antalya. With more than 200 species of birds which makes Bogazkent the most exclusive bird paradise in Turkey. Thanks to a special observation towers which is the best way to observe the birds.

Organic Farms: There are plenty large and small organic farms in Bogazkent. You can go these farms, and make  a real organic Turkish village breakfast.

Things to Do:
Those listed below are must do in Bogazkent!

  • Nature Walks
  • Swimming
  • Water Sports
  • Camel Trail
  • Fishing
  • Scuba-Diving
  • Shopping
  • Karting
  • Going to Cafes and Parks to Relax
  • Grill Party
What to Eat?
In Bogazkent, there are tuckshops, kebabs and pita restaurants, fish restaurants, barbecue parks where you can find whatever you want to eat.

There are touristic sourvenir shops, supermarkets, and small malls such as Migros Mjet, Dia, and Şok.

Bogazkent Migros jet Shopping Mall
Bogazkent Dia Shopping Center
Bogazkent Şok Shopping Center

Cash Machine (ATM):
There are 24/7 ATMs of various banks in Bogazkent.

Other Photos that We Took in Bogazkent:

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