Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bogazkent: Shining town of Antalya

Bogazkent is a township with own municipality in Serik district in Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 60 km east of the city of Antalya. It is neighbour of Belek and it is on the Gulf of Antalya. Bogazkent started to be one of the centers of Turkey's tourism industry and is as such home to more than ten five-star hotels and many other accommodation, services and entertainment facilities. These hotels are Hotel Sherwood Dreams Resort, Hotel Crystal Family Resort, Hotel Alva Donna Exclusive, Hotel Riva Exclusive Donna, Dyadom Hotel Resort, Hotel Aydinbey Famous Resort, Siam Elegance Hotels & Spa, Vera Club Hotels Mare, Crystal Paraiso Verde Resort, Belek Beach Resort, Sensimar Belek Resort & Spa. More on the landward side are scattered privatehomes and villas of the local population. One of the major attractions of Bogazkent is its natural beauty; sea, rivers, ecology park combine in harmony. It is a comfortable and peaceful holiday coast with internationally accepted reputation, attracting large numbers of visitors from countries such as Germany, The Netherlands and in recent years predominantly families from Russia. Bogazkent has a hot Mediterranean climate with very hot, long and dry summers with cool, rainy winters. In the height of summer temperatures frequently exceed 40°C. 

Photos from Bogazkent:

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  2. @ Shirley Martins, Obrigado! Turquia é o melhor para o feriado, você deve visitar Antalya.

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