Friday, September 13, 2013

Akdeniz Mızıkacıları Musical Group

We decided to introduce you Akdeniz Mızıkacıları (Mediterranean Town Musicians) Musical Group which is Antalya's the most shining musical group recently

Music group is basically a group of five people

They make music as a hobby, as a volunteer on behalf of society, and without earning money.

They give concerts on their places in Kaleici (Oldtown) on the last Saturday in every month.

This month there will be also an amazing concert on September 28, and the group will present their performance along with German pianist Fritz KAAS.

The details of the concerts are as follows:

Group: Mediterranean Town Musicians (Akdeniz Mızıkacıları Musical Group)
Concerts: on the last Saturday of every month
Time: 20:00
Genre: Latin, Country, Pop, Classical
Place: Association of Humanity (İnsanlığın Birliği Derneği)
Address: Hesapçı 
Street, No: 7 Kaleici-Antalya

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