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Amazing Turkish Tea and The Best Places to Drink Tea in Antalya

Turkish tea (Turkishçay) is a type of tea that is popular mainly in the Turkish-speaking countries.

Turkish tea, called çay, (pronounced Chai) is black tea is produced on the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey. 

Turkish tea is typically prepared using two stacked kettles (çaydanlık) specially designed for tea preparation or using samovar (Turkish: Semaver). It is a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water. Water is brought to a boil in the larger lower kettle and then some of the water is used to fill the smaller kettle on top and steep several spoons of loose tea leaves, producing a very strong tea. It also is widely used in porcelain teapots.

When served, the remaining water is used to dilute the tea on an individual basis, giving each consumer the choice between strong (Turkishkoyu; literally "dark") or weak (Turkishaçık; literally "light"). Tea is drunk from small glasses to enjoy it hot in addition to showing its colour, with cubes of (Turkishkesme şekerbeet sugar.

Tea is an important part of the Turkish culture. Offering tea to guests is part of Turkish hospitality, tea is most often consumed in households, shops

Turkish tea, bagels (simit) and Kashar Cheese

Turkish tea is especially regarded as a gesture of kindness and inclusion to guests. You will rarely visit a store without being handed a hot cup of tea from the merchant in Antalya.

The Best Places to Drink Tea in Antalya

  • Tophane Çay Bahçesi (Tea Garden)
Tophane Tea Garden
Address: Seljuk district, 07100 Muratpasa / Antalya
Phone: +90 242 241 3070
Public Transport: Bus Stop 511

  • Mermerli Restaurant
Mermerli Restaurant
Address: Seljuk district, Banyo Street, No:25, Oldtown Phone: +90 242 248 5484Web: Transport: Bus Stop 587 

  • Barbaros Çay Bahçesi (Tea Garden)
Barbaros Tea Garden
Address: Bahçelievler districtKonyaalti Street, No: 60, Muratpasa / Antalya
Phone: +90 242 247 4158

  • Karaalioğlu Park
Karaalioğlu Park
Address: Park Street, 07100 Antalya
Phone: +90 242 247 7660
Public Transport: Bus Stop 742

  • Hadrian's Gate 
Hadrian's Gate
Address: Barbaros Quarter, 07100 Muratpasa / Antalya

  • Fener (Lighthouse) Park
Fener Park
Address: Lara, Fener district, Antalya

  • Paşa Çadırı Cafe - Restaurant
Paşa Çadırı Cafe
Address: Konyaalti Street, Ataturk Park (Kuğulupark)
Telephone: +90 242 242 48 88

  • Castle Cafe - Hıdırlık Tower

Address: Hıdırlık Street, Kılıçarslan Quarter, No: 48, Antalya
Phone: +90 242 248 65 94

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