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Social Networking: 9 Social Network Tips for Bloggers

 What should you do to have a more successful blog? The answer of this question is managing Social Network. Here is the nine social network tips for bloggers.

1) Use Social Media Sharing Icons

Make it as simple as possible for your blog readers to connect with you on various social media platforms. They shouldn’t have to hunt around to find your Twitter handle, but should be able to click on a button and be taken right to your profile. Bonus points if your social media icons reflect the overall design or feel of your blog.


2) Recognize Effective Social Media Sites

 There are a lot of social networking sites that are available today. It will be difficult to maintain accounts to all these sites so it is important to analyze which social networking sites is most popular to your target audience.

This way, you will be able to concentrate managing your accounts to sites where you will get greatest benefit from. Try your hand at

  • Facebook with its Pages, Events & groups
  • Google+ with its +Pages, help & Trending Topics
  • Twitter for its hashtags & popularity
  • LinkedIn for highly targeted audience
  • Pinterest if your blog is more about photos


3) Use your blog name as your username whenever possible

Promote your personal brand by consistently using your blog’s name for your Twitter handle, StumbleUpon name, Pinterest name and so on. Then, people don’t have to wonder about your blog’s name — it’s right there. Also, people will remember you easily across platforms, which is key as you develop up your online community.


4) Be generous with other bloggers

Promote other bloggers’ content, and hopefully they’ll return the favor. You can’t simply blast your own content anyway — you need some variety in every social media stream. So why not check out what your fellow bloggers are posting and give them a retweet, a share or a repin whenever you can. And don’t forget to reciprocate and share content from bloggers who share yours.


5) Choose Quality over Quantity

Do not follow everybody on social media sites. You should follow people who will support your blog through comments and most overrated people in their own fields.


6) Provide an RSS Feed Icon and Stream Your RSS Feed on Social Media

A lot of people are using RSS feeds to grab articles from sites they trust so that they can stream them all in one place.  At this point, even Google+ profiles can be streamed over RSS meaning that the potential for exposure via RSS feed is extremely high.  Providing the option for an RSS feed not only allows people to stream your content, but also provides the opportunity for website owners that find value or interest in your blog to integrate your blog into their website, providing you with more exposure and even external site links to your blog.


7) Trade Posts with Other Blogs/Guest Blogging

Every once and a while, it's nice to throw a new voice into your blog and allow someone else to produce content for you.  Not only does it benefit you, but it benefits the guest bloggers by letting them creating a back link to their website.  It's a win, win for everyone.  You get new content, they get a link.  And the same works from the other direction.  Submit requests or email bloggers and request the chance to guest blog for them.  The more popular the blog, the better your chances that you will acquire new readers and increase your blog traffic (which for some of us means increased revenue).  If you're not willing to give away back links, you can either "no-follow" the site link to the guest blogger (which is pretty disrespectful and bad for networking well) or you can pursue guest blogging on other websites yourself.  Just remember that you're writing for someone elses blog, so you should not duplicate the content you've written for them on your own website.  The same applies to writers posting on your website, be greatful for the free content but make sure that you agree beforehand that the content must be exclusive to your blog only.


8) Lock Readers from Search Engines

Add a button in your blog that will allow people to connect with you via the different social media sites. Like you can add a Facebook like button for your FB Page, a +1 button for you +Page, follow button for Twitter, etc.

This will allow people coming to your blog from search engines to connect with you on your social sites so that they keep returning. Consider some social buttons like Antalya City Blog has.

9) Allow Content Sharing

Add share buttons for all major social networks on each blog post of your site, allowing readers to share content they love onto their own networks, thus attracting more audience to your blog.

This will be a big help in increasing the readership of your blog as these social networking sites has a huge audience base, so the more your posts get shared, the wider audience it will reach.

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  1. Absolutely love this post! Thanks for the tips!

  2. thanks for this useful post, I am sure this is very helpful for bloggers who are just starting, and I cannot agree more with you on quality over quantity.

  3. nice blog! I follow you ;) Follow me too ;)

  4. Having social media sharing icons on your blog or on your business website is essential. With these icons, visitors can easily share your post in different social media platforms. When they do that, their friends will be able to see what they have shared, and if they find the post interesting too, they might just share it again. The cycle will repeat itself, creating online visibility for you and your business without you actually doing anything for it.

  5. @ShantelleLapointe Yes, you are right, because of this we have social media sharing icons on our blog.


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