Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The New Municipal Services Building of Antalya Konyaaltı Municipality Is Opened

As of April 30, Antalya Konyaaltı Municipality began to serve in the new building. The new building is on the Akdeniz Bulvarı (Konyalltı Coast). 

The building cost approximately 16 million Turkish Liras. The building was constructed on a land of 13 thousand 600 square meters, indicating that, "real estate tax payments before the new service building will be fully moved. In the Town hall, there are wedding hall for 350 people, assembly hall for 200 people, a large seminar room and prayer rooms.

Konyaaltı is the shining star of Antalya with its world-famous beach. Moreover, Konyaaltı provides the best way of cosmopolitan life of Antalya City with its modern  structures. You realize really alive when you are in Konyaaltı. You should visit Konyaaltı when you came to Antalya City.

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