Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas and New Year Holidays in Antalya

Delphin Diva Premiere - Antalya
Adam&Eve Hotel - Antalya
Delphin Palace Deluxe - Antalya
Granada Luxury Resort - Alanya/Antalya
Titanic Hotel - Antalya
Crowne Plaza - Antalya
Kremlin Palace - Antalya
Mardan Palace - Antalya
Queen Elizabeth Hotel - Kemer/Antalya
Rixos Premium Hotel - Belek/Antalya
Concorde Resort - Antalya

New Year is a time for celebration so why not enjoy a holiday and join in the celebrations in Antalya City. Planning to get away from the cold why not treat you and your family to an unforgettable Christmas and New Year in one of our exotic hotels in Antalya. You won’t miss out as most of our hotels celebrate this festive season. Close your eyes and imagine being in Antalya soaking up the Sun, partying the New Year in the Antalya's beaches or see the New Year in style by staying in a luxury Antalya hotel or look a little further afield and book a fantastic city break. Whether its an exciting trip with the kids or a romantic getaway for two, you've got all you need to have the best New Year yet.

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  2. Hi Isa, next time you open a travel agency business..ha ha cos you know so much about amtalya's activities

  3. @ Jaz, thanks for your comment. Yes, Antalya is the best holiday destination in Eurasia.

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  5. Amazing photos! Looks like a wonderful place to spend a vacation! =D


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