Thursday, January 20, 2011

Antalya received 10.3 million tourists in 2010

Turkey's Mediterranean province of Antalya was the favorite holiday destination for tourists from Germany and Russia in 2010.   

German tourists visiting Antalya increased by 10.4 percent in 2010 compared to 2009, while the number of Russian visitors were up 16.6 percent, tourism officials told the Anatolia news agency on Thursday.

Last year, number of British tourists also rose by 37.9 percent compared to 2009, authorities said.

According to the Governorship of Antalya, the magnificent city of Mediterranean where is Antalya received 10.3 million tourists in 2010.

Visitors from Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Britain and Ukraine preferred Antalya the most throughout the year.

The number of Swedish, French, Austrian, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Kazakh, Swiss, Czech, Belorussian, Romanian and Iranian tourists were on the rise in 2010, officials noted.

Turkey's Mediterranean resort city of Antalya eyes to host 11 million tourists in 2011, head of a local union of hoteliers hassaid."We have set a target of 11 million tourists to host in Antalya this yearand I believe we will achieve that target,"Sururi Corabatir told reporters.Corabatir said the number of tourists visiting Antalya last year reached toaround 10.3 million, which marked a 11 percent increase over 2009.

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