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This festival will take place among the Expo Antalya events. In addition to this during a six months period at least 20,000 social and cultural activities which will be held in the framework of the organization and the BIE General Assembly AIPH is also being planned to be held in Antalya.
In order to organize a horticultural Expo at Antalya first steps have been taken. The first visit was to the Chiang Mai Expo , which was held between the 20th – 24th October 2008. There, a 2,000 m2 Turkish garden was exposed. Later Mr Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales, the General Secretary of BIE (Bureau International des Expositions), was invited to Antalya and talks were carried out about the Antalya Expo.
In February 2009 a visit was made to the Netherlands. During this visit the Floriade 2012 exhibition space was investigated and Floriade and AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) officials were interviewed. Subsequently, there was an AIPH Meeting held in Taiwan in March 2009 and its members shared their ideas about the Antalya Expo. At the same time the locality for the Taipei Expo 2010 were visited and observations were made.
In addition, the government of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Abdullah Gül, President, and Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, were informed about the project by an EXPO Antalya delegation formed under the chairmanship of the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, M. Ali Şahin.
In the meantime an Executive Committee concisting of 33 local and non-governmental organizations was formed. Antalya Expo will be held with the reliable resources to be transferred from budgets of local governments and businesses.
Participation Categories
  • Plant Production and Application
  • Ecological & Organic Agriculture
  • Insect and Animal Breeding
  • Cut Flowers
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Bio Energy

General Area
  • International Gardens
  • Local Company Gardens
  • Sponsor Company Gardens
  • Recreation Areas
  • Amfitheaters
  • Restaurants and Sales Areas
  • Congress Centers
  • Agriculture and Environment Museum

Expo Activities
  • Country Days and Exhibitions
  • Local Exhibitions
  • International Symposiums
  • Urban Transformation and Landscape
  • The Ecological and Organic Life in the Future
  • Bio Energy
  • Endemic Plants
  • Droughts and Water
  • Agricultural Development
  • Opening and closing Ceremonies
  • Exhibitions for 180 days
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Cultural Exhibitions of the Participating Contries
  • Light and Sound Shows
  • Special Plant and Flower Expositions

Once the area will be decided, 100 countries and 30 large organizations, which are taking part come into question. As the principal parts Expo Hill, Expo Forest, Expo Pond and Expo Tower are planned. Flowers and child themes, which will rise over the project in question within the international scale to many organizations, will be signed, panel discussions, meetings, seminars, performing arts events, concerts and most importantly children congresses will be held. The current development level of the landscape activities which are arranged by the municipalities and tourism sector is a positive and encouragement position for Antalya.

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