Friday, August 7, 2009

Pocket Guide for Olympos

The ancient town of Olympos is located in a valley on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey around 90 kms east of Antalya. The city has probably taken its name from the nearby Mount Olympos which is known locally as Tahtali Dag.

Olympos was founded in the Hellinistic period and its coin date back to 2nd Century BC. This city became an important centre in the Lycian era. The town declined in importance in the 1st Century BC when it was attacked and controlled by the Pirates. Romans seized it from the pirates in 2nd Century AD and subsequently in the middle ages the Venetians, Genoese and Rhodians built fortresses along the coast. The town was finally abandoned with the arrival of Ottomans in 15th Century. Recently it has become a hot spot for tourists.


  • Eternal fire also known as Chimaera can be reached by a trek of around 30 minutes in the neighboring village of Cirali. The source of these eternal flames has been found to be natural gas gushing through cracks in the earth. During ancient period, this fire was worshipped and revered by the locals.
  • Beach is lovely and quite popular amongst young holiday seekers.
  • Greeco-Roman ruins and fortress located along the coast are worth a visit.
  • Olympos coastal National Park located in the picturesque valley is popular for trekking expeditions, mountain biking, rock climbing, sea kayaking, etc.

What to do in Olympos?

• Canyoning 
• Jeep Safari 
• Trekking 
• Sea Skiing 
• Chimera Flame Tours 
• Daily Boat Trip 
• Diving 
• White Water Rafting 
• Golge Bar 
• Pool Table 
• Table Tenis 
• Volleyball

Where to Stay in Olympos?

You can stay in one of the special tree houses of Olympos.

SABAN Tree Houses -->
BAYRAMS Tree Houses -->

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