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Rediscovering Tekirova

A shining sun, clean sea, and luxury hotels. Yes, all these are available in Tekirova. But there's more than you'd expect in Tekirova. 

In this article, we will talk about all the beauties of Tekirova. So, you will rediscover Tekirova. 

Tekirova is located 60km away from Antalya and 17 km to Kemer. You may able to see all tones of green of the nature in Tekirova. You can easily reach to famous diving area called Tree Island (Üç Adalar) by boat or yacth at 25 minutes. Hotels are great. The first Ecological Natural Park of Turkey, Tekirova Eko Park is a shelter for many plants and reptiles that are under danger of extinction. Visitors is be able to take telpher and ski at Tahtalı Mountain. 

Magnificent Ancient City of Phaselis:

Phaselis is a ancient city 3 km to Tekirova centre. The remarkable features of Phaselis include a shallow bay, fine sands and a forest, a mountain, the sea and many historical beauties. 

"It was set up by the Rhodians in 700 BC. Because of its location on an isthmus separating two harbours, it became the most important harbour city of the western Lycia and an important centre of commerce between GreeceAsiaEgypt, and Phoenicia, although it did not belong to the Lycian League. The city was captured by Persians after they conquered Asia Minor, and was later captured by Alexander the Great" (Catholic Encyclopedia, Phaselis, 2012).
"Most parts of the ruins, which are on ground in Phaselis, are remains from the Roman period. A port, castle wamong these ruins have been found the remains of a port, castle walls, a temple dedicated to Zeus, King Antonius Caravella road, and also twenty lined theater ruins. The peninsula's throat part composing street is marvelous. It begins from south port and reaches to city gates" (GoTurkey, Kemer Phaselis).

Although Phaselis is like an open-air museum,  there is also a museum in Phaselis. In addition, there is a famous music festival which is called as  Phaselis Art Festival, generally held in  September. Festival brings classic and traditional music together. 

Fascinating Olympos:

Olympos is an ancient city which is 14km to Tekirova.  Olympos was set up in the Hellenistic period. 

"Olympos is spread across the two sides of the creek that passes through it. The hill that rises behind the tombs can be seen from the beach, and this was the acropolis of Olympos. The remains on the hill belong to a fortress which was built in the Middle Ages. Looking down from this hill, a lovely river which makes the city resemble Venice, is observed. The river was directed into a channel with polygonal walls built on its two sides. The two sides were joined by a bridge whose remains are still visible today" (Go Turkey, Kemer Olympos).

Olympos is really a fascinating place. It is one of the ideal places for vacation with its historical monuments and a world famous beach.

Living in a Myth: Mount Chimera

An interesting natural beauty, the mythological Yanartaş (Chimera), is located to the north of Olympus, on the upper side of the Çıralı Beach. The burning stones which are located about an hour's drive from Olympos have a mythological story behind them.

To read the myth of the Chimera, click here..

The Great Tahtalı Mountains:

The Tahtali Aerial Cableway uniquely combines two classic holiday destinations – the sea and the mountains. Mount Tahtali, at 2,365m above sea level, is situated in an attractive and rapidly growing tourist area and provides the region with a new dimension. It has an altitude of 450 m to 1.000 m at the foothills of Olympos (2.400 m). Therefore, it is in the middle of the Olympos Nature Conservation Park with its pines and cedars and with a breathtaking view from the mountains on one of the most beautiful bays of Turkey.

Where is Olympos Cable Car?

The base station of the Olympos Cable Car is conveniently located between Camayuva and Tekirova. This is about 57 km away from Antalya.

How much is the ticket?

Return TripAdults28€
Return TripChildren (Under 16 years)14€
Return TripChildren (Under 6 years)Free
One WayAdults14€
One WayChildren (Under 16 years)7€
One WayChildren (Under 6 years)Free

Discounts and special offers are available for groups. Ticket specials must be requested.

For more information about Olympos Cable Car, click here..

Tekirova Ecological Natural Park (Ekopark):

The Ecological Natural Park covers the territory of 40 000 m2 and is the first flora and herpetofauna (plant, reptile and amphibian) park establishment in the world.

"The collection of reptiles includes native poisonous and non-poisonous species of snakes, chameleons and other reptiles and amphibians as well as exotic reptiles that were brought from different parts of the world such as: pythons, coral snakes, boa constrictors, anacondas, vipers, cobras, mambas, timber rattlesnakes, giant lizards, turtles and crocodiles. Plants are represented by 360 thousand examples. Thousands of exotic plants, trees and shrubs were brought from tropical and subtropical zones of the world"(Ekopark Tekirova, Abouus, 2012).

Ekopark is a place really worth a visit. If you're here on vacation,  visit Ekopark.

How to get to Tekirova Ecological Natural Park:

Address: Tekirova ekolojik doğal park  Ltd Şti.

Phaselis Cad. 1015 Sok. No:14 Tekirova - Antalya

One of the world’s top dive sites: The Tree islands (Üç Adalar)

Tree islands is one of the world’s top dive sites. It is very popular among scuba divers. You'll need to do this more than once to explore more than a tiny part of the wreck. Drop off to turquoise blue. I have been diving with them for years and it is always a great pleasure. The boat is excellent, the crowd and the food too. It has the most beautiful underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea. We have experienced diving schools. You should try this pleasure.

Tekirova Cultural center

Tekirova Cultural Center is opened by the municipality of Tekirova. In the Culture Center, there are many facilities such as cafeteria, bank, post office, the lecture hall, theater,  cinema hall, library, exhibition and foyer, wedding hall. Thanks to Cultural Center Tekirova will become one of the best centers of culture and art in Antalya.

Tekirova Amphitheater

Two thousand people amphitheater is opened by the Municipality of Tekirova. Here are concerts and theater performances. When you go Tekirova on a visit to amphitheater. Don't forget to take a photo in front of a giant statue of Atatürk which is near the entrance of amphitheater.

How to Get There?

Tekirova is 60 km away from Antalya city centre and 75 km Antalya aiport  and 17 km to Kemer. There is a bus every 15 minute from Kemer and Antalya to Tekirova. 

The Hotels located in Tekirova

In Tekirova, there are currently around 20 hotels in different price ranges with a bed capacity of 15,000 beds. Among them, there are simple, cheap hotels, like the Aloha Hotel, but also there are sophisticated luxury hotels such as the the Güral Premier and Amara Dolce Vita.

Aloha Hotel

Phone: +90 242 821 44 50

Fax: +90 242 821 44 50

Address: Merkez District, 113 street, No. 3 Tekirova Kemer-Antalya / TURKEY

Amara Dolce Vita Hotel

Phone: +90 242 813 51 00

Fax: +90 242 821 40 17

Address: 07 980 Tekirova - Kemer • Antalya / TURKEY

Beach Club Pınara

Phone: +90 0242 821 55 88

Fax: +90 0242 821 55 89

Address: Şehit Er Hasan Yılmaz Street, Cumayeri District, No:4, Tekirova-Kemer-Antalya

Corinthia Club Hotel Tekirova

Phone: +90 242 821 47 50

Fax: +90 242 821 55 48

Address: 07 995 Corinthia Club Hotel Tekirova Kemer - Antalya / Turkey

Hotel Maksim Ambiente

Phone: +90 242 821 56 30

Fax: +90 242 821 56 42

Address: 07 995 Tekirova Kemer - Antalya / TURKEY

Club Hotel Phaselis Rose

Phone: +90 242 821 47 80

Fax: +90 242 821 47 92

Address: Merkez District, Mediterranean Street, 07 995 Tekirova - Kemer - Antalya / TURKEY

Sirius Hotel

Phone: + 90 242 821 40 22

Fax: +90 242 821 40 26

Address: 07 995 Tekirova Kemer - Antalya / TURKEY

Queen's Park Resort Hotel

Phone: +90 242 821 55 50

Fax: +90 242 821 55 56

Address: Mediterranean Street, No: 9 Tekirova - Kemer - Antalya / TURKEY

Phaselis Princess Hotel

Phone: +90 242 813 51 51

Fax: +90 242 821 40 61

Address: Great Hotel Phaselis Princess in Tekirova - Kemer / ANTALYA

Güral Premier Hotel

Phone: +90 242 821 55 60

Fax: +90 242 821 55 84

Address: District 07 995 Tekirova Kemer - Antalya - TURKEY


PR Club Hotel Kaplan

Phone: +90 242 821 48 70

Fax: +90 242 821 44 24

Address: Tekirova / Kemer / ANTALYA / TURKEY

PR Club Saphir Hotel

Phone: +90 242 821 46 00

Fax: +90 242 821 46 09

Address: Tekirova / Kemer / ANTALYA / TURKEY

PR Club Festival Hotel

Phone: +90 242 821 45 45

Fax: +90 242 821 45 50

Address: 07 995 village of Tekirova Kemer / ANTALYA

Martı Myra Hotel

Phone: +90 242 821 50 00

Fax: +90 242 821 43 52

Address: Marti Myra-Tekirova - Kemer-Antalya / Turkey

Pirate's Beach Club Hotel

Phone: + 90 242 821 40 01

Fax: +90 242 821 40 03

Address: Pirates Beach Club Tekirova Kemer - Antalya / TURKEY

Rixos Hotel Tekiova

Phone: +90 242 821 40 32

Fax: +90 242 821 40 44

Address: 07 995 Tekirova Town, No:137 Kemer - Antalya - TURKEY


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Municipality of Tekirova < http://www.tekirova.bel.tr/

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