Saturday, July 23, 2016

Antalya City Blog introduce new hashtags for Antalya's promotion

Antalya City Blog introduce new hashtags for Antalya's promotion. These are #LoveAntalya & #ExploreAntalya
No major campaign today is complete without a hashtag.

What Exactly Is A Hashtag?
A hashtag is a word with a “#” symbol in front of it. In the social media world, these words become a search function, that connects the searcher to conversations and content based on the hashtag they’ve looked up. Even emojis can now be used as searchable hashtags on particular networks (Instagram and Twitter). Hashtags are often used for novelty or to group content for others to find. On various networks, you can click on a hashtag, and it will bring up all posts that contain that specific hashtag.

A timeline of the evolution of the hashtag:

  • August 2007 – Hashtags first proposed for use on Twitter
  • July 2009 – Twitter officially embraces the hashtag linking to a list of all tweets for anything proceeded by #
  • January 2011 – Instagram add hashtag support
  • Spring 2011 – Twitter plays a role in the Civil unrest of the Arab Spring. #Bahrain becomes one of the most used hashtags of all time
  • October 2011 – Google+ begins automatically linking all hashtags in posts
  • January 2013 – Half of Superbowl ads include a hashtag
  • June 2013 – Facebook begins supporting hashtags
  • October 2013 – The Advertising Standards Authority (UK) and the FTC (USA) state that adverts made via a celebrities Twitter page should incorporate the hashtag “#ad

The purpose of Hashtags

Hashtags can help make the connection in the consumer's mind between a social media concept and a brand and its campaigns such as an offer or regular content. Some social media users follow specialist hashtags so they can help a little in increasing visibility.  So, our new hashtags can help to promote Antalya on social media.

Please use our new for :


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