Friday, February 3, 2012

"Turkey Now" Festival In Holland - 400 years of relations Turkey-Netherlands

The 4th Turkey Now Festival which aims to promote Turkish Art and Culture is realized between 23rd february-23rd may in Amsterdam, Lahey, Rotterdam, Uthrecht, Eindhoven and Deventer-Holland.

Leman Sam and her daughters Sevval and Şehnaz Sam will give a concert with Holland Metropol Orchestra.

During the festival there will be many Turkish Art like classical music, jazz, rock music concerts, theater, dance will be performed. 

The festival will last 3 months with 60 concerts and many cultural activities. Some of the name of turkish artist who will perform at he festival are Arif Sağ, Mercan Dede, Fuat Saka. Also Athena and Duman will give the concerts and İstanbul Balet Community will show their "Seyahatname 2" balet.

The festival will end with the concert of the Residentie Orchestra of Hüseyin Sermet.

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  1. what a fun event. hope you have a great time!

    have a great weekend my dear!

  2. It is my dream to visit Turkey, especially Antalya. Beautiful blog.

  3. @ Pandora's Box, Thank you very much for visiting my blog. We are happy to see our Pakistani brothers and sisters in Turkey.

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