Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fire of Anatolia takes the stage at the Aspendos Arena

Fire of Anatolia meets the art lovers between 29th April - 30th May 2014 at Aspendos Arena in Antalya.  

The Fire of Anatolia or Anadolu Ateşi is a Turkish dance group consisting of 120 dancers, several choreographers and other technical staff. The group has performed in more than 85 countries from the USA to China and Japan, in front of an audience of approximately 20 million people altogether. 

Fire of Anatolia holds two Guinness records, one for fastest dance performance with 241 steps per minute and another for largest audience, 400 000 people in Ereğli, in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. The head of the group is Mustafa Erdoğan.

A synthesis of hundreds of folkdance figures and music from different regions, Fire of Anatolia is a unique project whose source is Anatolia’s ancient mythological and cultural history. Produced by Mustafa Erdoğan, the group hopes to introduce the world to the fire thatarises from the ancient mosaic of love, cultural history and peace in Anatolia.

Starting its first world tour in 2002, The Fire of Anatolia has reached to great art-lovers in 85 countries throughout the world from Qatar to Japan, Siberia to United States of America and has met more than 20 million audience with its 3500 performances.

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