Friday, February 24, 2012

Hidden Treasures of Europe Video

Under the slogan 'So similar, so different, so European' this clip shows just how gorgeous and surprising Southeast Europe can be. Yes, the region is different and this is what makes it so vibrant, exciting and fascinating. But is it actually that different? 

In this promotional film, Turkey is compared to Germany with skyscrapers of Turkey. Actually, it tries to emphasize that the candidate countries of the European Union's cultural and everyday life is not very different from the old members. In the film, Sweden to Montenegro, Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain to Kosovo, Turkey to Germany, Austria to Croatia, England to Macedonia, France to Serbia, Albania to Greece is associated. Anybody who is not familiar with Southeast Europe would probably be surprised to find out how many treasures it has been hiding; how much potential it heralds, and how much beauty there is to discover. You should watch this promotional film of the European Union.



  2. @ bir kase lezzet, Merhaba, yorumun için teşşekkür ederim..

  3. Hi, enjoyed your visit. Already I'm following here.
    You hope there.

  4. @ Roberta Micropigmentadora, Hi, thanks for following my blog..

  5. I have not been to south-east Europe but did a tour last year to Italy. After all the sightseeing I did discovering the history and ancient preserved buildings, I am sure south-east Europe has plenty for me to explore.

  6. @ Nava.K, Turkey is star of the south-east Europe. You should visit Turkey, especially Antalya City if you want to see the heaven it the world.

  7. hi Tulpar, wow beautiful places , there is so much explore in that region, i have never travelled to that part of the world before.
    thnaks for sharing. have a nice day

  8. @ cookingvarieties, Hi Wan, yes, you should visit Turkey..


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