Monday, April 4, 2011

The World`s Best Golf Courses in Antalya-Belek

One of the main attractions of Belek is its six superb golf courses. Belek has been particularly developed as an attractive golfing holiday destination. It is one of Turkey`s premier golf centers with a world-class 18-hole golf course where both the novice and the expert can hone their skills. The golf clubs are paired into two groups within ten minutes driving distance of each other. Most of the hotels and golfing resorts are located in between adding to the tourists` convenience.

Here at Belek Area, seven golf clubs are grouped in two pairs separated by a ten minute drive with most of the hotels in between. All ready to serve you not only sunshine and secluded beaches but also the unique and hidden golf treasure of our Antalya.

Golf courses; In planing the course, the architecs took into special account the wishes and expectations of Europen golfers. The perfect sight of the golf courses present the wonderful panorama and landscape of the neighborhood while providing the golf players with terrifie golf pleasure and struggle.Some annex fields are being planned for the development of the golf facilities. There are daily, even hourly tours from all resorts and holiday villages at the neighborhood to the golf field and bookings are available via these tours and clubs.

The golf facilities enable individuals and groups to play throughout the twelve months of the year including the winter sunshine period that averages over six sunshine hours a day. Records show over 300 days of sunshine annually for the region.


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  2. @ Tânia Marques Obrigada. Sim, eu gostei d muito. Você é o melhor, não se importa com o descanso!!!

  3. Como é bom vir a Antalya, mesmo que seja virtualmente. abraço

  4. @ angel Obrigado. Você deve vir visitar Antalya. É capital de beuty, da natureza, do modernismo e naturalmente do turismo.

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  7. Golf Course in Antalya - Belek has been particularly developed as an attractive golfing holiday destination. All ready to serve you not only sunsine and secluded beaches but also the unique and hidden golf treasure.

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