Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Amazing Day in Manavgat with Manavgat Boat Tours

On these hot & sweltering days, would you want to get relax and spend nice time? If you say YES, come and see amazing Manavgat Bogaz Region.

You should join boat tours at Manavgat River with local boats and yachts. You’ll like it more, because while journey you can pick your lunch. For lunch, you have two options Chicken or Fish. Both serve with salad. (Drinks not include lunch, you should pay extra for it)

End of this epic Boat Journey, you’ll come to final destination local people entitle there name BOĞAZ but this not like Bosphorus in İstanbul. There you’ll see wonderful wonder of nature.

As you see on the picture above, boats had came to final destination, here tourists can spend time for swiming at sea or river. After this short break, Boats return the Manavgat City Center.

Also, there is a hotel which has same name with the region; ‘Boğaz Otel’. You can spend nice time there.

Here is the address of the Bogaz Otel: Sorgun, Titreyengöl Bogaz, Manavgat Centrum / Antalya 

Phone: +90 242 756 96 91


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  2. @Mary Wilkerson Thanks for your interest!


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