Saturday, July 25, 2015

Good and Bad Aspects of Turkish Pavilion in EXPO 2015 Milano

Generally, people liked the Turkish Pavilion in the EXPO 2015 Milano. There was a nice atmosphere. From architecture point of view it nicely combines modern and tradition.

Staff is very nice too and good quality restaurant. We would say the pavillion is informative and focused on the past, the historical side.

If we compare with other pavilions we found very appealing (such as UAE, Japan, Germany, Qatar). Most people really love technology and not interested with the history. Because of this, the most visited pavilions in Expo 2015 Milano are UAE, Japan, Germany and Qatar. They focused on the future and technology. Yes, EXPO is not a technology fair, but green tech, green agriculture, green energy issues are really interesting and related with EXPO.

Turkey uses more traditional supports (texts, videos, art) where our other exemples used more sophisticated technologies such as 4D, augmented reality, etc with a view to the future rather than the past. But, the idea of placing EXPO 2016 Antalya Stand in Turkish Pavilion in EXPO 2015 Milano is good for giving info about EXPO 2016 & Antalya.

Past vs future is the main category we would rank the pavilions we visited.But it's a very personal point of view and doesn't influence on the quality of the pavilion. It's just different.

Based on the waiting time to enter pavilions, the most visited should be Japan, UAE, Germany.

These were the ones we preferred too because you could see there was a communication strategy, they have a show, high-level high-tech support, and clearly a vision of the future. we put the UAE on top of the top. They show reserach projects they are working on, etc.

Now the big difference is of course the budget every country has put in their pavilion. We also prefer high-tech, etc. but we think adults in general like both, technologies & history. Young people for sure prefer technology.

China was a mixed and Korea theme was fermentation (old) but presented in modern way with a robot show of paintings, an impressive 3D video but without special glasses, etc. :-)

He also manage the visits of EU officials to Expo, etc. He told us he would like to use his experience for next expos like Kazakstan in 2017.

In say in case Antalya needs some advices or communication expert, he will be free after Milan Expo and has a good background in Commission and experience in expo.

Finally, Turkey should focus on the future rather than the history and discover her potential!


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