Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Burdur: Beautiful city of Teke Region

Antalya City Blog visited Burdur and took some photos for you. You can read our recommendations before you visit Burdur.

Burdur is a province that placed at the Mediterranean Region, and famous with lakes, roses and rugs. Ancient cities, national parks, and caves are places to be seen in province. Districts: Burdur (center), Ağlasun, Altınyayla, Bucak, Çavdır, Çeltikçi, Gölhisar, Karamanlı, Kemer, Tefenni, Yeşilova.
Burdur has a continental climate with cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers.

Burdur is a pretty province of the Mediterranean region of Turkey. It is widely known as "Beautiful city of Teke Region"

The most important natural attraction of Burdur is, without doubt the Burdur Lake.

Top 5 Places to Go in Burdur city center

Burdur Lake Beach
Burdur Urban Forest
Susamlık Hill
Gazi Street
Şehitlik Hill

Burdur is 122 km away from Antalya and 112 km away from Antalya Airport.

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