Saturday, February 28, 2015

Runtalya Marathon is celebrating its new name as RUNATOLIA

Runtalya Marathon is celebrating its new name as RUNATOLIA and the 10th Anniversary in 2015.

The Runtalya Marathon was organized for the first time on 19th of March 2006 in cooperation with Holiday Plan and Öger Tours. For the past 9 years the event had a constant growth with the participation of National and International race enthusiasts. The 2014 Runtalya Marathon has been organized together with Öger Tours for the last time, because the cooperation between Holiday Plan and Öger Tours has ended in April 2014.

Runtalya Marathon is very essential  which has been taking place in our country for 9 years, introducing our country and our town to the world and conduce population self-health care as well as to establish an understanding how indispensable sport is. Holiday Plan still supports this marathon  with awareness of its beautiful course for running. 

Starting from the first day of The Marathon, Anadolu Hospital have kept their support and their belief for this organization of substantial contribution to our town and brand equity's importance. Anadolu Hospital and Holiday Plan decided to cooperate and organize this event with the name as RUNATOLIA that took place on the date of 1st of March, 2015. 

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