Monday, April 14, 2014

Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Carpet and Rug Museum

Antalya City Blog visited Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Museum in Isparta. We took amazing photos for you.

People of Isparta put the carpet next to the the rose as their symbol. Isparta which provided shelter for many Turkomans after the 12.century, got this tradition from them and up until near past, kept performing it in factories, workshops and carpet weaving looms in their houses which they called “iştar”. Gulistan, serpme, Ottoman, Goblen (tapestry), köşegöbek, üzümlü, dönümlü are of the main patterns used in Isparta carpets. Flowers, especially rose, violet and forget me not are the characteristic motifs of Isparta carpets.

Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Museum was opened by the Isparta Municipality in 2013. Museum entrance is freeThe museum is a 12-storey tower. There is a viewing terrace on the last floor of the museum. Looking to Isparta from the terrace is spectacular.

In this museum there are 3000 traditional carpets and rugs. Turkey's largest museum of carpets and rugs is in Isparta. You can also find traditional carpet looms, horse carriage, and antiques in this museum.

There is also Foucault's Pendulum in the museum which  is a simple device conceived as an experiment to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.

How to get to the museum?
Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan Ethnography Carpet and Rug Museum located near Gökçay Picnic Area in Isparta city. You can use public transport to get there. 


Who is Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan?

Prof. Dr. Turan Yazgan was born in Isparta in 1938. He was an important academician in economics and is the Chairman of the Turkic World Research Foundation (died in November 22, 2012 in Istanbul). 

Here are the other photos from the museum that we took for you:


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