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Visiting Antalya in the Spring - Tips on What to See and Do

While other parts of Europe are still rain-sodden and windswept in spring, in Antalya things are already starting to heat up. This makes it the ideal city to make an early start on your summer. Think long walks along the beach, eating local cuisine, soaking up the sun, carousing at countless festivals on a warm evening as the sun sets.

Of course, the whole Mediterranean region is getting warmer at this time of year. As a result budget flights are starting to fill up all over the northern hemisphere, long weekends are being planned, and the quest for accessible sun begins. Despite this increasing competition from other destinations, Antalya remains unrivalled. Read on to find out why visiting Antalya in spring is about much more than just topping up your vitamin D levels.

Festivals & Events

People in Antalya have built up a reputation for knowing how to have a good time. Here’s a selection of some of the best events over the coming season, offering countless dates around which you can plan an unforgettable trip.

  • Nevruz (Spring) Festival 21 March

The sun gives more light and heat to the southern hemisphere until March 21, after which this applies to the northern hemisphere instead. That is why March 21 is a day to celebrate for people living in the northern hemisphere as the symbol of awakening and creation. On Nevruz Day, people lay their tables with an assortment of foodstuffs, play games, hold festivities, eat painted eggs and prepare large fires. Nevruz, which every society celebrates in forms peculiar to itself, still exists with traditional celebrations in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, the Uygur region, Anatolia and the Balkans.

  • Antalya International Choir Festival

The 6th Antalya International Choir Festival will be held on 02-06 April 2014. 

As being the 6th anniversary of the festival, the organizing commitee has made a special program for the 2014 edition. This year, it is planning to organise a big concert performance of "9th Symphony" by Ludwig van Beethoven with the choirs selected by festival organisation committe from festival attendants and Antalya State Symphony Orchestra together. At least 120 chorists and 100 professional orchestral musicians will be performing on the stage. 

  •  Tour of Turkey

The 50th Presidential Cycling Tour will be held between the dates of April 27 to May 4, and the third stages of the Tour of Turkey will be held in Antalya. 

Sports fans who want to follow the competition will have the chance to watch step by step. If you want to follow as a privileged can apply over the internet. 

A single multi-stage intercontinental tour in the world which could be of great importance for the organization and promotion of tourism.


Whether you enjoy a great start to the morning with a breakfast on your apartment’s balcony or terrace or take advantage of the balmy evenings. If you’re a seafood lover then the beach area of Antalya features some of the city’s finest seafood restaurants.

Antalya’s signature cuisine includes Piyaz, spicy hibeş with mixed cumin andtahini, şiş köfte, tandır kebap, domates civesi, şakşukabörülce salatası, kabak çiçeği dolması, kabak çintmesi, börülce çorbası, şiş köfte, laba, and various cold Mediterranean dishes with olive oil. One local speciality is tirmis, boiled seeds of the lupin, eaten as a snack. "Grida" (also known as Lagos or Mediterrenean white grouper) is a fish common in local dishes.


Shopping in Antalya is great all year round and with the new spring/summer collections in shops, what better excuse do you need to revive your drab winter wardrobe for something more fresh and well, Antalya? You’re guaranteed not to be wearing the same thing as your friends when you get home. Antalya City is a shopaholic’s dream. In Antalya you will find a variety of differents shopping items like the traditional Turkish knick-knacks popular with tourists like textiles, gold and copper work, carpets, leather goods and souvenirs. Expect to find trendy brand name stores like Zara, LaCoste, Diesel, Mango, Polo Garage, Tommy Hilfiger, U.S. Polo Assn., Boyner, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, 2014 bridesmaiddresses, perfume, electronic & computer stores and many more. The City offers superb beach resort facilities and long stretches of golden sands, with a fine selection of significant historical sites. The city is loved by many for its palm lined streets, charming marina, delicious restaurants, excellent shopping, cosmopolitan nightlife and lots of historical attractions. Each year, millions of people visitAntalya. Fantastic for families, couples and even the more experienced traveler, Antalya’s mix of traditional, cosmopolitan and family friendly activities will ensure everyone will enjoy a holiday in Antalya!

The Weather in Antalya in Spring

By April temperatures are usually warm enough for the beach, with average highs of 20 degrees Celsius. By June it’s up to 25 degrees. These conditions are ideal for many people – you avoid the extreme temperature of the summer while still being able to spend much of your time in the sun. Antalya have the best urban beaches in the Eastern Mediterranean and the city has three miles of them to choose from, all easily accessible by public transport.

If basking by the sea isn’t your thing, fear not – Antalya is also equally lucky in terms of parks, providing sightseeing opportunities aplenty and green spaces to lie back on the grass. Antalya Zoo is also situated within the grounds of the park making it the perfect family destination.


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