Sunday, March 23, 2014

Don't Miss The 6th Antalya International Choir Festival

The 6th Antalya International Choir Festival will be held on 02-06 April 2014. 

As being the 6th anniversary of the festival, the organizing commitee has made a special program for the 2014 edition. This year, it is planning to organise a big concert performance of "9th Symphony" by Ludwig van Beethoven with the choirs selected by festival organisation committe from festival attendants and Antalya State Symphony Orchestra together. At least 120 chorists and 100 professional orchestral musicians will be performing on the stage. 

Antalya International Choir Festival is organized by the cooperation of Smarts Organisation and Antalya Main Municipality. All the activities in the festival will be organised at -the most famous and grandest cultural center and concert area- Antalya Culture Center which is in the city center of Antalya. 

Don't Miss The 6th Antalya International Choir Festival!

Festival Programme

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