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Isparta: The City of Roses

Antalya City Blog visited Isparta and took some photos for you. You can read our recommendations before you visit Isparta.

Isparta is a province that placed at the Mediterranean Region, and famous with lakes, roses and rugs. Ancient cities, national parks, and caves are places to be seen in province. Districts: Isparta (center), Aksu, Atabey, Eğridir, Gelendost, Gönen, Keçiborlu, Senirkent, Sütçüler, Şarkikarağaç, Uluborlu, Yalvaç, Yenişarbademli. 
Isparta has a continental climate with cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers.

Isparta is a pretty province of the Mediterranean region of Turkey. It is widely known as "the City of Roses" for its beautiful roses and rosewater production. The city has a population of around 500.000 inhabitants and is situated 1030 meters above the sea level. 

The most important natural attraction of Isparta is, without doubt the Egirdir Lake.

The shores of Egirdir lake offers its visitors a good opportunity for fishing, picnicking and some other sportive activities like trekking, climbing and swimming. The fish restaurants with a nice lake view offers delicious local fish accompanied with local mezes and drinks. 

Hiking and Nature Trip in Isparta

Isparta offers good opportunity for hiking and mountaineering, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. You can go to Gökçay, Kovada, Gölcük, and Davraz.

Top 5 Places to Go in Isparta city center

  1. Böcüzade (Park)
  2. Kafeler Caddesi (high-street student coffee shops)
  3. Gökçay (Picnic Area)
  4. Ayazmana (Picnic Area)
  5. IyaşPark Shopping Mall

Isparta by night..

Public Transport in Isparta

Buses  run very frequently until late at night. Apart from that, there are taxis in the city.

Where to Stay in Isparta

Sirene Davras Hotel 

Barida Hotel 


Büyük Isparta Hotel (

Basmacıoğlu Hotel (

Hotel Artan 


Altıngöl Hotel Eğirdir 


Isparta is 120 km away from Antalya and 110 km away from Antalya Airport. 


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