Monday, January 6, 2014

Amazing Journey in the Shadow of Pine Trees

Last weekend our talented author Mehmet Özkaya went an amazing journey for you by his bike. This short tour began in front of his summer house in Gündoğdu in Manavgat and this beautiful tour finished in ‘Aktaş’ (which means White Stone).

Mehmet's bike
As you know, in Mediterranean Region you able to experience four seasons during the week. He takes that as an advantage sunny day, and he wanted to show you Mediterranean’s beauty of pine trees in Antalya.

(The local People gave this name because of huge white Stone at entrance of river. When local fishermen came from the sea the ‘White Stone’ (Aktaş) meets them at the entrance of the river.)

When you are in Aktaş you can drink alcoholic and soft beverages accompanied with magnificent Mediterranean View. Besides you can swim after drink. In My trip I ride through the Gündoğdu Village (‘SunRise’ is the meaning of Gündoğdu).In the village, You will see new structures mostly. Also on the both side of the road you will see farm animals such as goats, sheeps, cow, chicken. Furthermore It is possible to see greenhouses. In these greenhouses local people are producing different kind of vegetables & fruits, and they are selling those products to the local markets in Manavgat.

There is a school and mosque inside the village. After you pass the mosque you will see the first olive oil factory of the area. This factory was found and managed by a local family. They’re stil running an olive oil business, but in a modernised one. After you pass the  factory you will see a crossroads. You have to pick left way to arrive to Aktaş. (If you pick the  right way you will ride through the road and reach to the local graveyard).

When you follow the path on the left you will see the pine and olive trees. If you want you can take a break under the shadow of these wonderful trees. A little after neighbour village of Gündoğdu will welcome you. This village is called  ‘KISALAR’ The Beach of the village is an offical natural protection zone because it is the production area for the logerhead sea turtles (Caretta Caretta). You’ll ride through the beach road. Therefore you may get stuck in the sun if you don’t be carefull. Keep following the road for a while and Aktaş will welcome you.


Rent a bike and Enjoy Antalya: 

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