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What to Do During and After an Earthquake

There was an earthquake at the Gulf of Antalya at 19:31. The earthquake measured 5.0 on the Richter scale. Earthquake in Antalya area, felt it in Side aswell... Short but scary, hope it's the last. 5.0 magnitude earthquake. 30 km from Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey.

Let's see the Fault Line Map of Antalya:

Fault Line Map of Antalya

What to Do During and After an Earthquake 

All disasters can be fatal, that’s why they’re called disasters, right? But admit it, one of the tragic events that can startle the whole mankind is the earthquake. This disaster chooses no place. Whether you’re in a land or sailing in the seas, once earthquake strikes, it will not leave any area unaffected. Scared? Well, the only thing that can keep you from being frightened of this disaster is readiness. You can be ready not in a sense that you have to be paranoid about what’s going to happen. Knowledge is the key. If you know what to do during and after an earthquake, pretty much you will be able to escape the wrath of this disaster. 
Just to give you some tips, here are some of the of the what-to-dos during an earthquake:
1.Don’t panic – This is the first thing that you have to remember when an earthquake is currently happening. It’s apparent that when a person is feeling afraid or nervous, he or she will surely won’t be able to think properly. Take a deep breath and have in mind that the disaster will soon come to a pass. This way, you will be able to think what to do next.
2.Hide! – One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a person during an earthquake is to be hit by any falling debris. If you are indoors, you can stand against the wall near the center of the building, secure yourself under a strong furniture (e.g. table, desk), or you can stand in a doorway. It’s also advisable that you stay away from outside doors and windows because things like broken glasses, might fall unto you.
3.Don’t use flammable tools – Should there be a power failure during an earthquake (which is more likely to happen), don’t bother to use flammable materials like matches and lighters because these might cause fire.
4.Don’t go outside your car – This is applicable if you are in your car during the disaster. Just immediately stop the vehicle and stay there until the earthquake stops.
Now after the earthquake, don’t think that everything will be back to normal. Always remember that this disaster has a lot of surprises. To make you ready, here are some of the tips on what to do during and after the earthquake:
1.Immediately check for any injuries – This should be the first thing that you have to check. Make sure that everything is safe and if anyone is injured, do your best and provide first aid to anyone who needs it. Have in mind that life is more important than anything else.
2.Check the appliances in your home – When an earthquake occurs, damages on electric lines and appliances can possibly happen. If there are broken lines, make sure that you shut off the electricity valve.
3.Check for the smell of chemicals and gas – Should there be unfamiliar smell of chemicals, open the doors and windows quickly. Leaving the area is also advisable. Just make sure that you report about this case to the authorities.

4.Get news updates from the radio – After the disaster, reports about it surely be heard from various radio stations so it’s better to get updates from credible sources like this kind of media. Don’t use phones unless you really need to call someone.

5.Stay away from damaged buildings and beaches – Damaged buildings may collapse so it’s better walk in an open area when you’re outdoors. If you’re in a beach, leave immediately because there might be a tsunami any moment after the earthquake.

6.Expect aftershocks.
These are just few things that you can do to avoid possible accidents during and after the disaster. Just remember that aside from these safety precautions, there’s also one thing that you can do to be safe. Pray!

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