Friday, October 25, 2013

RENSEF Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition will be held in Antalya

850 Hotels registered in Antalya Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate operate within the boundaries of Antalya. Energy needs of the most of these hotels are between 2-3 MW.

The activity programme of RENSEF Exhibition between October 31 and November 3 is becoming clear. Various activities are going to take place during the four day exhibition.

You may acquire detailed information about energy production with solar energy, energy efficiency management - financing and many other subjects from the events organized during the exhibition. Agoras Exhibition Services LTD, Antalya branches of The Chamber Of Electrical Engineers, The Chamber of Architects and The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, TurSEFF, West Mediterranean Development Agency, Trade Consultancy of Consulate of Denmark in Istanbul, Building Inspection Institutions Association, Sera-Bir, Akdeniz University, Biyogazder and SolarBaba are organizing 10 events with more than 30 speakers. 

On October 31, the first day of the exhibition, the activities will begin with the opening ceremony of the 2nd Solar Symposium which is organized in parallel to RENSEF exhibition. On the remaining days of the exhibition, there are going to be activities about energy investment financing, energy cooperatives, energy management training for hotel technical directors, energy efficiency in agriculture and tourism sectors, biomass, biogas and energy production.

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