Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Last week, our talented author, Mehmet Özkaya visited Manavgat Waterfall where is the most amazing places on earth. 

Here is the Mehmet's observations:

I advice you all to see this natural beauty at least once in your life. Manavgat Waterfall should be in the list of must-see places in your holiday schedule.

I am sure that you wonder how to go there. 

Here are the details for you: 

From Manavgat you have to get on the Waterfall Bus (It is written “'ŞELALE' in front of the buses). To return to Manavgat, you have to wait next to the camels. Yes, there are some camels!!! (You have to wait approximately 10 minutes) Also; there is a possibility to have a short camel ride. It can be an exciting experience for you.

If you come from Side/Kumköy/Çolaklı and Gündoğdu, you have to come to Manavgat by these places’ bus. Then you should get on the Waterfall Bus to go there.

Fees for Manavgat Waterfall:
  •  Bus Tickets: 2 Turkish Liras (1 Euro) per person – one way
  •  Entrance to Manavgat Waterfall: 3,50Turkish Liras (2 Euros) per person

(These fees are approximate. It may change by currency)

After entering the Waterfall, you will see a huge shopping area (Souvenir Place).Besides; there are many restaurants around the waterfall. You can taste local food in these restaurants. Also you can drink all kinds of beverages. 

If you want, you can take a picture with the parrot. (This costs you approximately 10 Turkish Liras)

Besides; there is a Wish Pool nearby Waterfall, if you have a wish, you can throw a coin into the pool. Who knows your wish becomes true!!!
Waterfall has an amazing view. If you want, you can get in the water and stand inside the fence. (Small notice; the water is so cold)
Some Photos from the Manavgat Waterfall:

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