Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Evrenseki Culture House and Ethnography Museum

Antalya City Blog continues to promote Antalya for you! Our author Mehmet Özkaya visited the Culture House in Manavgat, Evrenseki for you. Here is the great information about Evrenseki Culture House and the amazing photos.

Since ancient times mankind move between chilly places to warm place for keep themselves alive and their animals alive. As you know some Nomads still maintain this culture.This museum is the best museum that describes the passage of the Turkish nomadic to settled life! Today we will present you Evrenseki Culture House.

This Culture House Has Traditional Equipments such as Sickle, Wooden Water Butt, Weighbridge, Wooden Spoon, and Distiller.

Here are some photos for you:

When you enter that culture house they welcome you warmly. This museum is also a good example of Turkish hospitality. At the entrance, you can see glass-fronted cabinet, they exhibit local Women’s handmade achievements all of them made by themselves.

Evrenseki Culture House has three exhibition areas. In the main building they have Evrenseki Ethnography Museum. This Ethnography Museum has six-shooters (Revolvers), different types of knifes, old type boots (Hooded), musical instruments and so many amazing equipments related with Turkish Nomadic Culture. Besides, Evrenseki Culture House provides all kind of cultural equipment. 

Evrenseki Culture House gives you information about Evrenseki’s Local Cultures. You can see model ancient Evrenseki House. Also you can see donate equipments by local people. This Culture House related with Nomadic Culture and Local Culture of Turks in Antalya.

We strongly advise you to visit this magnificent place as soon as possible.

Here Is Information about Operating Hours:

  • 09:00-12:00
  • 13:00-18:00
Evrenseki Culture House is also open during the weekend.

Entrance is free for local people and tourists and for Show around is free too.

For more information:

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