Monday, June 17, 2013

Antalya's West Virginia City

Would you want to spend your weekend with cowboys, Sheriff and Sheriff’s Deputy? Also; This will be good Summer Entertainment for your children.

Wild West is in Manavgat now. Yes,you did not read wrong. In Manavgat’s Aksaz Village they build Wild West Village such as U.S. They entitle this place ‘West Virgina City’. It is about 10 Acres. On this Village there is A Sheriff Office, Bank, Doctor Office, Market, Bar.

Approximately, ten thousand tourists visit this place every year.

A combination of holiday and adventure for all members of the family, if professional rider or beginner. Especially handicapped people are welcomed and some suitable offers are available. As horses we can offer American Painthorse and Turkish Rahvan.

Here is; some information about Aksaz Village. Aksaz is a village in the District of Manavgat,Antalya Province.Turkey. Taurus Mountains around this village. Besides; Village has natural beauties. Aksaz Village 86 kilometer away from Antalya Province, 9 kilometer away from Manavgat.

How to go there:

Here is Arrival and Departure details for you. Arrival Airport is Antalya Airport.

Take the Bus, Taxi, Car in direction to Alanya, passing Manavgat

From Manavgat: After about 3 kilometres turn left the roundabout. Then always right in direction to Aksaz Village for about 7 kilometres. There are signs along the road.

From Alanya: Pass the crossing for Konya, after 5 kilometres you will reach a roundabout before entering Manavgat (3 kilometres), turn the right at the roundabout,then  always right in direction to Aksaz Village for about 7 kilometres. There are signs along the road.

Address: Manavgat/Aksaz Village, 07600 Manavgat
Phone: +90 242 755 7647

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