Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The 12th International Kemer Underwater Days

The 12th International  Kemer Underwater Days will be held between  May 16 and 19. 

International Kemer Underwater Days (IKUD) is a week of activities organized jointly by the Center for Mediterranean Underwater Archeological Research (AASAM) ( and the Foundation for the Promotion of Kemer (KETAV) ( , whose goal is to introduce to the world the natural and the archeological beauties of the deep waters of Kemer - Antalya (Turkey) in the Mediterranean. This activity is a member of EUIFA and the partner of UNEP/MAP – Info RAC.

International Kemer Underwater Days contains many of activity and a meeting program on underwater imaging and underwater archaeology. It also contains underwater photography and videography competitions which happen in the crystal waters of Kemer at every year in May.

Establishers of the IKUD are Aydin Aytug and Hakan Oniz. General Secretary of KETAV Filiz Ceylan and underwater archaeologist Demet Canimoglu also are in the organization as organizer from the beginning until now. 

Presidents of IKUD are Mustafa Calik and Aydin Aytug in behalf of KETAV and Hakan Oniz in behalf of AASAM. Filiz Ceylan is the coordinator and Demet Canimoglu is the organizing director of the IKUD.

12th International Kemer Underwater Days consists of the following activities to realize the goal of the foundations mentioned above:

1. Underwater imaging competitions;
2. Underwater documentary and film projections;
3. 10th International meeting on underwater archeology;
4. Exhibitions of underwater photography;
5. Competition and exhibitions of Children drawings;
6. “ARCHAEOLOGIST METIN PEHLIVANER award ceremony” by the Mediterranean Underwater Archaeological Research Center for those people who has had invaluable contributions to the underwater archeology of Turkey .
7. A ceremony for the competitors and visitors who participate in the competition.
8. Concerts and displays during the award ceremony for the competitors.

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